Top 5 Ullu Web Series to Watch in October 2021 & Cast Name

Just the name of this company can be enough for those to be amused. Ullu TV or Ullu App is a streaming platform available to anyone for those who do not know. A growing number of users are searching for videos on the internet, and Ullu has introduced itself to viewers in less than one minute.

Top Ullu Web Series 18+

Ullu app is home to say many popular Web series. So today, in this post, we’re going to shortlist the top 5 Ullu web series you want to watch in 2021 by popularity.

Top 5 Ullu Web Series You Wanna Watch in 2021

Below, we have listed the top 5 most popular Ullu originals web series you want to watch in 2021. All of these web series are available to watch on their digital platform (App/Website).

1. The Bull of Dalal Street

The Bull of Dalal Street Actress Cast name

Summary:- The Ullu web series revolves around a bankrupt person who becomes the most extravagant stockbroker of Mumbai. 

Type:- Corporate, Adult

 Where To Watch:- Ullu Web Series

The Bull of Dalal Street Ullu web series Cast:-

Iqbal KhanHarshal
Ashmit PatelDilip
Kunal VermaKunal
Priyal GorNidhi
Aparna SharmaWill update soon
Naina ChhabraJhanvi

Short Story:- This is a story about two aspiring brothers and sisters who come to Mumbai to make extraordinary progress. 

History shows their evolution from life in the city to become the largest stockbroker in Mumbai.

This online version is included in this updated adult version in 2020 for one clear explanation; for example, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” this solution is loaded with numerous suggestive and powerful scenes.

2. Halala

Halala Ullu Web Series Cast name

Summary:- The story of this Ullu web TV series & videos revolves around a lady who must pass all the preliminary tests of Nick Halal simply. 

Type:- Thriller, Adult

 Where To Watch:- Ullu TV Series

Halala Ullu web series Cast:-

Shafaq NaazAfza
Ravi BhatiaRahil
Eijaz KhanWill update soon
Deepika Singh goyalWill update soon
Neelima AzeemWill update soon

3. Charmsukh

Charmsukh cast name

Ullu originals “Charmsukh” is one of the most popular web series released by Ullu. Charmsukh itself a series of web series under this banner they released many web series. Charmsukh – Sautela Pyaar, Jane Anjane Mein, Pajama Party, Chawl House are the popular ones of this series.

Charmsukh’s first season was released in 2019 and till now they have released 22+ different seasons/parts of the Charmsukh web series. The web series also got a 6.9/10 IMDb user rating.

Read complete Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Cast:-

Type:- Adult

Where To Watch:- Ullu TV Series

4. Kavita Bhabhi

Kavita Bhabhi Video Watch

Short Story:- As the name indicated, a famous adult comic “Savita Bhabhi” inspires Kavita Bhabhi’s web series. In this web show, Kavita is a seductive hot Bhabhi who enjoys the men by telephone with the charm of her seductive voice.

Men are drawn to her and in exchange for these phone calls, she charges a large sum of money. She tells a special, seductive, and romantic tale in every telephone call. So you’ll see eight separate seductive sex stories in eight episodes of this series, and it’s nice for those who are great fans of Savita Bhabhi comics.

Type:- Adult, Story

Where To Watch:- Ullu TV Series

Kavita Bhabhi Ullu Web Series Cast:-
Kavita Radheshyam (Kavita), Nishant Pandey (Karan, Ajay, Varun, Avinash), Amita Nangia (Mother-In-Law), Divya Dwivedi (Rashmi, Aarti)

5. Size Matters

Size Matters Watch and actress name

Short Story:- Size Matters is a fun web series focused on the story of a newly married couple Manpreet and Akash. The cousin of Manpreet told Akash to ask about his penis size because it is important that he fulfills the sexual desires of a female.

When Manpreet asks Akash about the size of his penis, he lies to it because of the lack of these attributes. But this lie complicates things between the couple so much that Manpreet faces the truth on her first night. How is the pair going to face this? It’s a fun and sexy web series that can be included in your list overall.

Type:- Comedy, Adult

Where To Watch:- Ullu TV Series

Size Matters Ullu Web Series Cast:-

 Riju Biswas, Khatija Iqbal, Tejdeep Gill, Poorti Arya, Priyanka Bora, Momita Jaise, Meghna Dutta


Q: Best Ullu Web Series Name?
A: Charmsukh, Size Matters, Palang Tod, Charmsukh Pyaas, the bull of Dalal street, Kavita bhabhi, Kasak,
Q: Top Ullu Web Series List 2021
A: Click here to watch the Top Ullu Web Series of 2021.
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