Happy Bhai Dooj 2021 Wishes in English & Hindi

Bhai Dooj is the festival of Love and care between Brothers and Sisters. It is one of the auspicious and very popular Indian festivals that are celebrated across India with great excitement. Bhai Dooj wishes, Every brother and sister celebrate Bhai Dooj Festival as a day of opportunity to celebrate the bond of love and care as well as strengthen it by following the auspicious rituals. On this day, sisters pray to God for the well-being and longevity of their brothers and share Bhai Dooj Wishes.


Bhai Dooj is celebrated twice a year, the first one takes place in the Chaitra Mass and is known as Holi Bhai Dooj, the second one takes place in Kartika Maas which falls a day after Diwali, and is called Bhai Dooj. 

Happy Bhai Dooj 2021 Wishes to Brother

1. Dear Bhaiya, you mean the world to me. You are my brother, saviour, mentor and friend for life. Thanks for being there for me always. I pray for a wonderful beautiful life for you this Bhai Dooj. Happy Bhai Dooj to you.

2. I pray to God that our bond of love strengthens year by year. I wish that you have a prosperous and successful life ahead. Wishing you a Happy Bhai Dooj dearest brother. Love you lots.

3. Bhai Dooj is a special festival to me because of you and because of what you mean to me. Wishing you a Happy Bhai Dooj and I pray that you enjoy great health, wealth, happiness and success for life.

4. I pray to the Almighty that you are blessed with prosperity, success, wealth and health. I wish that you are showered with everything you have desired. Happy Bhai Dooj to the best brother in the world.

5. My dear brother you are my best friend… my friend for life because you always have stood by me when I was alone… when I was sad… when I was dejected…. When I needed someone. You are my source of energy and inspiration…. Wishing you a very Happy Bhai Dooj Bhaiya.

6. You are the one with whom I can share my ideas, my thoughts, my fears, my happiness….. Thanks for being such a supportive and understanding brother…. Thanks for being so loving and caring… Wishing a very Happy Bhai Dooj to the best brother in the world. Love you Bhaiya!!


Bhai Dooj Wishes 2021 in English

1. Dear Brother on this Bhaidooj I wish to say that you are the best brother and you mean to me the whole world. Happy Bhaidooj.

2. My brother is my best friend. You stand by me when I am alone, you make me feel happy when I am low. Thanks for being there for me always Dear Brother, Happy Bhaidooj.

3. My love for you is measureless. My blessings to you are unlimited. Dear Brother you will always be my friend, a guide and a hero. Happy Bhai Dooj.

4. Bhai Dooj is just an excuse for me to express myself. You mean the world to me. Happy Bhai Dooj.

Bhai Dooj Messages & Whatsapp Status

1. “Wishing a very Happy Bhai Dooj to my dearest brother. On this special occasion, I pray to God to always shower you with success and glory in life.”

2. “I am truly fortunate to have a brother like you who has been my pillar of strength in the most challenging times. A very Happy Bhai Dooj to you.”

3. “Let us celebrate the occasion of Bhai Dooj by promising each other that no matter how much we fight, we will never give up on each other. Happy Bhai Dooj to my brother.”

4. “There are so many beautiful memories that I share with you that I share the most beautiful times of my life with you. Warm greetings on Bhai Dooj to you.”

5. “You have lived up to each and every promise that you have ever made to me and that’s why you are the most special brother. Happy Bhai Dooj to you.”

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Bhai Dooj Wishes for Little Brother

1. May God bless you with prosperity, health, wealth, happiness throughout your life. Let us pray for each other and wish we stay safe all the time in everything. Best wishes for Bhai Dooj!

2. I wish you receive infinite happiness and deserving success in your life. Make your life prosperous and bright! Have a memorable Bhai Dooj Wishes, my bro!

3. May this Bhai Dooj add sweetness to your life and bring you infinite joy. May our wonderful relationship get stronger with time and tide. Best wishes for Bhai Dooj!

4. Dear Brother, my love for you is infinite. My blessings and prayers will always keep you protected and be the guiding light in your life. Happy Bhai Dooj.

5. My dear brother, you will always be my hero and my support. I feel so lucky and blessed to you got you in my life. Happy Bhai Dooj!

6. You are the best brother one can have on this earth and this makes me feel blessed and protected. I convey to you my thanks on this wonderful occasion of Bhai Dooj. Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead my brother. Happy Bhai Dooj!

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes Quotes

1. “You & I are like Tom & Jerry fighting and giggling all day long. No matter how old we grow, we will still keep the madness alive in our relationships. Happy Bhai Dooj Bro!!!

2. “How far you are from me now, my love and care for you will never be compromised. You’ll always be my most prized possession!!! Happy Bhai Dooj!

3. “I tie this holy thread on your wrist and pray to God that all your wishes come true. Have a wonderful Bhai Dooj, BRO!

4. “Your presence always made me feel safe…you have been my North Star guiding me the right way…Love You Brother!!! Happy Bhai Dooj!”

5. “Brothers are like bright rays of the sun bringing warmth and happiness to the life of their sisters. Wishing you a happy and blissful Bhai Dooj, brother!

6. “Together we laughed, together we cried, the affection in between is immense distance despite…I LOVE YOU BROTHER TILL THE END OF TIME!!! Happy Bhai Dooj!”

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Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes in Hindi

1. “Behen chahey bhai ka pyar,
Nahi chahiye mahenge uphar,
Rishta atoot rahey sadiyon tak,
Mile mere bhai ko khushiyan apar
Happy Bhaiya Dooj!