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zenonzard anime

What is the release date of the anime adaptation of zenonzard?

Anime adaptation to Bandai app game Zenonzard. It was released on the Zenonzard YouTube channel on September 10, 2019 and aired on TV at midnight on September 13, 2019. Calling all otaku! Submit your otaku quiz questions to new quiz app Otaku Judge

Who is Shion Saionji in zenonzard?

Souta reluctantly agrees. Souta and Eilietta’s first opponent turns out to be the super-famous player Shion Saionji, who attends Souta’s school, and her buddy, Ash Claude. Anime adaptation to Bandai app game Zenonzard.

Who is eilietta Lash in the Zenon?

One day, Azuma Souta, an average high school student, is challenged to a battle by a mysterious woman, Eilietta Lash. She reveals that she's a Codeman and that her intent is to team up with Souta and participate in The Zenon. Souta reluctantly agrees.

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