Witch Anime Series


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witch anime series

What is a Witch anime?

These anime feature witches: magic users who often possess classic traits such as pointy hats, flying brooms, and black cat familiars. Some are protagonists looking to improve their craft, have adventures, or save the world; others might be tricksters or outright villains who cause suffering and misfortune for others.

What is the name of the TV show with the anime?

W.I.T.C.H. is a French-American animated television series based on the Italian comic book series of the same name. The animated series was produced by SIP Animation in association with and with participation from Jetix Europe, The Walt Disney Company and France Television.

Why are witches and sorcerers so popular in anime?

The storyline featured in anime which is fueled with magic and all supernatural stuff was more than enough, but anime didn’t stop there and took the genre to another level with powerful protagonists and badass antagonists. Sorcerers and witches are common among these anime based on a magical world.

What is the story of the Witch?

The show, which is conceived by Hajime Asano, combines influences from the genres of idol, magical girl, and fantasy. Girls who are able to use magic are known as witches. The magical energy is generated by the emotions of all people. Witches are able to collect and concentrate this energy through concerts – known as orchestras. 43.

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