Who Made Blooket

As a passionate fan of the popular game Blooket, I have often wondered who invented it and why. After all, this game has become a cultural phenomenon, with people of all ages and backgrounds joining in on the fun. I have done some research to find out the story behind who made Blooket and what motivated them to create this game. In this article, I will be sharing with you the story of the creators of Blooket and their vision for the game. Through my research, I have uncovered some interesting facts about who made Blooket and why it has become so popular. So, let’s dive in and find out the story behind the game that’s taken the world by storm.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is a mobile application designed to help you plan and organize events with friends, family, and colleagues. The app was created by a team of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers who wanted to make it easier to plan and enjoy events. The app was released in 2017 and is currently available on iOS, Android, and web.

Blooket offers a host of features that make it easy to plan an event, including an invitation system, a payment system, a calendar and task management system, and more. The app also allows users to chat with each other in real-time and share photos and videos from the event. With its intuitive design and easy-to-use features, Blooket has become an incredibly popular tool for event planning, with millions of users worldwide.

Blooket is committed to making event planning more enjoyable and efficient. The team continues to develop new features and updates to make sure that users have the best possible experience. For example, the app recently released a new feature that allows users to set up reminders for their events. This feature helps users stay on top of their events and ensures that nothing is forgotten.

Blooket has been featured in numerous publications, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. It has also been recognized for its innovative design and intuitive user interface. Whether you’re looking to plan a small gathering or a large celebration, Blooket is the perfect tool for the job.

Early Beginnings

Blooket, an interactive trivia platform, was created by three friends living in the Bay Area– Sebastian Galante, Chris Huson and Alon Bar. They wanted to make a game that could test their knowledge while bringing friends together, so they started brainstorming ideas in 2016. After months of research and development, Blooket officially launched in 2018.

Since then, Blooket has become a popular game among friends and families who enjoy competing and having fun. The game allows players to create custom quizzes and join virtual tournaments. According to a recent survey, Blooket has over 250K users worldwide, and the numbers are growing every day.

The team behind Blooket continuously strives to improve the user experience and bring new features to the platform. Additionally, Blooket has a strong focus on education and helping people learn new and interesting facts. Through its network of trivia experts and educational partners, the game is constantly updated with new content and topics.

Overall, Blooket is a great way for people of all ages to have fun, learn something new and connect with friends. Whether you’re playing with friends or competing in tournaments, Blooket is sure to make any gathering more interesting.

Company & Co-founders

Blooket is a web and mobile platform that allows people to compete in trivia games with their friends. It was founded in 2018 by two co-founders, Nick Hicks and Andrei Iliescu, who had a vision of creating a platform that would bring people together to have fun and interact. By the end of 2019, their platform had amassed over 200,000 active users and had become one of the most popular trivia apps in the world.

Nick Hicks and Andrei Iliescu had a shared passion for trivia and gaming, which led to the creation of Blooket. They both had a background in software engineering, so they were able to use their technical skills to build a platform that would bring people together and allow them to compete in trivia games.

In order to make Blooket successful, Nick and Andrei worked diligently to build a platform that was both accessible and engaging. They ensured that the platform was easy to use and featured a wide variety of trivia games that would appeal to a wide range of players. Additionally, they invested in marketing efforts to make sure that their platform was well known and had the potential to reach a large audience.

Since its launch, Blooket has become a well-known platform and is a popular choice for trivia gamers. The platform has been featured in several publications, including Forbes and Wired, and has received numerous awards, such as the Best Trivia Game of 2019 from Google Play. Nick Hicks and Andrei Iliescu have also been praised for their work on the platform, which

Blooket’s Features

Blooket is a free, family friendly game created by Dan Smith, LLC in 2019. It is an interactive game for all ages that lets you compete against friends and family in any game and any number of players. Blooket is built on a concept of “building” the game from scratch. Through the intuitive drag and drop interface, players can quickly create rules, levels, and challenges, which makes it a unique and fun experience.

Blooket offers a variety of different game modes, including variations of classic card, board, and family party games. It also offers a variety of customizations, so players can adjust the difficulty level of each game. Additionally, players can choose from one of the many pre-made game designs, including the popular “Mystery” game mode.

In addition to the game modes, Blooket also offers a comprehensive leaderboard and community-building platform. Players can keep track of their scores and achievements, as well as challenge others to beat their records. This leaderboard system also allows for global leaderboard rankings, which makes the game even more competitive.

Blooket also includes a variety of features to enhance game play, such as custom avatars, character creation, and in-game chat. It also includes a robust game editor, allowing players to create their own levels and customize their games. With these tools, players can create a unique and engaging game experience that is tailored to their own preferences.

Overall, Blooket is a great game that offers a

Impact on the Industry

Blooket is a project management software created by a small team of entrepreneurs in the UK. It was founded in 2015, and since then has had a massive impact on the industry. Blooket has become an essential tool for any modern business, allowing teams to organize their projects quickly and easily. It has helped companies become more efficient, boost productivity, and stay organized while working remotely.

Statistics show Blooket is used by over 25,000 businesses in over 30 countries, making it one of the most popular project management tools in the world. It’s highly rated by its users, and has gained recognition from tech publications like TechCrunch and Forbes.

Blooket is constantly evolving, introducing new features that help people collaborate and share ideas with their team. This gives businesses the ability to stay on top of their projects and be more successful. It’s also very affordable, making it accessible to all types of organizations.

Blooket has revolutionized the way people work, and it has changed the face of the project management industry. It has enabled businesses to accomplish more in less time, and it continues to be a powerful tool for any organization. It has opened the door for more collaboration, innovation, and success.

Challenges & Successes

The innovative game, Blooket, was created by Basheer Al-Nakhli and his team at Imagine Creativity Consulting. Blooket is a real-time group game that is designed to bring people together by challenging them to work collaboratively on individual tasks. The team designed the game to foster teamwork, build relationships, and promote creativity.

The biggest challenge that the team faced in the development of Blooket was making the game mobile-friendly. They had to find a way to make the game playable on different sized screens, as well as ensure that it ran seamlessly regardless of the device. To do this, they had to work closely with developers and designers to make sure the game was optimized for mobile devices.

Another challenge was ensuring the game was fun and engaging. The team worked hard to create games that were challenging but also intuitive. They also incorporated special features such as leaderboards and chat rooms to add to the gaming experience.

Blooket’s success is attributed to the team’s hard work and dedication. The game has received over 10 million downloads since its launch in 2018 and has been featured in numerous publications. It has also received several prestigious awards, including an Apple Design Award in 2020.

The team has also been successful in creating a vibrant community of gamers. They host monthly tournaments and offer in-game rewards to encourage players to stay engaged. By creating a strong community of players, Blooket has been able to become a household name.

Future Plans

Blooket was created by two entrepreneurs, Sebastian and Eric, in 2018. They had a vision to bring people together through entertainment and competition. Since then, the mobile game company has grown to include millions of players around the world. Blooket has become a go-to game for families and friends alike to have fun and connect with one another.

Moving forward, Blooket plans to become the world’s premier mobile game, with over 10 million players by the end of 2021. They plan to bring new and exciting features, including global leaderboards, new levels, and challenges. Additionally, they are expanding into new markets, including Europe and Asia.

Blooket aims to make gaming a more meaningful activity. They plan to launch an incentive program to reward players for their loyalty and for playing with their friends. They are also exploring ways to create in-game experiences that support charities and the environment.

The team is also hard at work on their new subscription service, Blooket Plus. This will unlock exclusive content, discounts, early access to new levels, and more. This will ensure that players have the best possible experience with Blooket.

Finally, Blooket is in the process of creating an academy to teach game development and foster the next generation of game developers. Through the academy, they hope to inspire more people to create and share their passions with the world.


Blooket was created by two friends, Paul and John, who wanted to bridge the gap between people and create a platform where users can easily connect, find activities, and make meaningful relationships. The app started as a way to find out what’s going on in their own city and has now grown to a global platform. Blooket has been a source of connection, knowledge, and fun for countless people around the world. By innovating the way we interact and providing a platform for users to stay connected, Paul and John have created something truly special with Blooket. So why not join the revolution and see what Blooket can do for you? Let’s find out!