What Does Ssars Stand For


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what does ssars stand for

What are the financial implications of ssars?

Now consider the financial implications for the company granting SSARsessentially as a stock option, whereby there is an automatic share buy-back with the exercise proceeds (and in some cases, the tax deduction).

Why did ssars change the concept of submission?

This change is designed to eliminate diversity in practice that has occurred as a result of technological changes that have made the concept of "submission" as envisioned in SSARSNo. 8 accounting and auditing issues you can't afford to ignore: financial reporting realm has seen significant changes

When is a compilation required under ssars 21?

Before SSARS21, if the accountant was not engaged to perform an audit or a review, a compilation was required when the accountant was engaged to report on compiled statements or when submitting financial statements to a client or third parties. Making a statement: applying SSARS 21 to your practice

Can a CPA perform other procedures under ssars?

Under SSARSInterpretation 3 (ARI 100.06-.08), CPAs are clearly permitted to perform other procedures if, in their professional judgment, they are helpful. Clarifying misconceptions about compilations and review

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