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walmart rotisserie

How much is a rotisserie chicken at Walmart?

The low price tag on Walmart's rotisserie chicken can be enticing, but for $4.98 you'll be tossing less than two pounds of chicken into your cart — 1 pound, 13 ounces to be exact. Why settle for less when for the same price you can pick up a larger bird at Sam's Club?

What is rotisserie chicken and why is it so popular?

Rotisserie chicken is a big moneymaker for supermarkets across the U.S. — hungry shoppers took home a total of 625 million in 2017 alone, and plenty of those rotisserie chickens had to come from Walmart.

Is Publix rotisserie chicken healthier than Walmart?

It's Publix, though, that puts its competitors to shame, as their rotisserie chicken comes out to just over 200 milligrams for the same size serving. That's almost three-and-a-half times less sodium than in the chicken you'll find at Walmart. When it comes to size, value, and flavor, Walmart just doesn't stack up.

Does Costco rotisserie chicken taste good?

While some customers say they've "never been disappointed [...] it's always very flavorful and juicy," others say their chicken is either overcooked or undercooked. Costco consistently ranks the highest in a long line of rotisserie chicken taste tests.

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