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walmart medina

Are there any Walmart stores in Medina County?

Some stores installed protective shields at all checklanes. Most of stores are operating under standard opening hours, but some store hours may vary. Walmart Supercenter is proud to be situated at 4141 Pearl Road, on the north side of Medina ( by Rocky River Corridor - Medina County Park District ).

Why choose Medina Supercenter’s pharmacy?

That's why Medina Supercenter's pharmacy offers simple and affordable options for managing your medications over the phone, online, and in person at 4141 Pearl Rd, Medina, OH 44256, with convenient opening hours from 9 am.

Where to get tires rotated in Medina?

I went to Wal-Mart in Medina where I bought the tires and had them rotate the tire they do it for free if you buy the tires from them. I did some shopping, paid for my goods and went in the back to get my car. I was happy it was done already.

What is there to do in the Medina County area?

In the nearby area you may come across Medina Marsh, Reagan Park Raceway, Reagan Park, Eliza Northrop Elementary School, Medina High School, Medina Claggett Junior High School, Rocky River Corridor - Medina County Park District, Palker Wildlife Preserve - Medina County Park District - Undeveloped Site and Memorial Park.

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