Walmart Mainstay Candles


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walmart mainstay candles

Do Walmart mainstays candles explode?

A Walmart customer has filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the retail giant’s Mainstay candles possess a serious defect that can cause them to explode or become engulfed in flames. The Walmart Mainstays candle class action was filed by Shelby Ellebracht who says she purchased a Mainstays candle from a Walmart in Missouri in February 2018.

Are mainstay candles worth it?

I buy this whenever i ran out with the ones i normally use. Mainstay candles are cheap and very affordable but just not safe. You get what you pay for. Add me too.

Do you buy candles at Walmart?

Walmart is the only place I do purchase candles. And there has been lots of occasions the candle has produce high flames and whereas the flames burn the side and has cause soot to form on surface and somtime it has been difficult to blow out the flames. Min stay! They should have named it min-burn up you and everything.

Can you buy mainestays candles in Ashland?

There was a candle exploding from itself from the brand Mainestay, at the same place we alsays place candles of of Ashland; never problems. The 25$ is just laughing with us in our face, afterwards we read reports of similar occasions. Now it becomes clear. @ Potential Candle Buyers: please never buy MaineStays Candles.

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