Walmart Lorna Road


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walmart lorna road

Who is the owner of Walmart India?

Walmart India Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart Inc. Walmart India owns and operates 22 Best Price Modern Wholesale stores in 8 states across India. The first store opened in Amritsar in 2009.

What is the work of Walmart in Bengaluru?

The teams in Bengaluru, Chennai and Gurugram are engaged in creating cutting-edge engineering and product development solutions to support Walmart’s strategy of offering customers an anywhere, anytime shopping experience.

What is the future of Walmart in India?

Walmart is committed to a future where retail in India is a mix of shopping experiences that best serve Indian consumers, suppliers, producers, and retailers.

How much money does Walmart contribute to help women farmers?

In September 2020, the Walmart Foundation announced two new grants as part of their commitment, bringing the total to $15 million contributed and more than 140,000 farmers, including 80,000 women, to benefit.

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