Walmart In Cancun


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walmart in cancun

What to do while shopping in Cancun?

Took a walk in the Cancun heat to get souvenirs. They have every souvenir you need! Much cheaper than the beach or street vendors. Bought snacks for my plane ride. I loved this Walmart! Better than the Walmart's in the States. However, I do wish they'd get the air conditioner all over the store. No one likes to be hot while shopping.

Is Walmart in Mexico a good place to shop?

Even in Mexico the staff at Walmart is friendly and helpful. The store was well stocked and clean. The only downside to this location was the outside parking was limited and you need to bring your own bags because they don't have free plastic bags.

Where can I buy a moped in Cancun?

This Walmart is located in Downtown Cancun right on a main road, so it's easy to get to. The store is more of a supermarket than anything, but like you'd expect from Walmart, you can find just about anything else here too. They even had Vespa-style mopeds for sale.

What can I buy at Walmart Tienda in Línea?

En Walmart tienda en línea podrás hacer tus compras en línea de manera confiable y segura. Encuentra lo que necesitas con precios bajos. Contamos con diversos productos, desde neumáticos, refrigeradores, pantallas Smart tv, colchones, hasta comida para llevar y productos de abarrotes para pedir tu súper a domicilio.

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