Walmart Fruit Trays


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walmart fruit trays

What are the different types of Walmart party trays?

The retailing giant also offers Walmart fruit trays and kid's party trays, and specific menu platters, such as chicken platters, meat platters, pizza platters, etc. The Walmart party trays and catering menu can be found in various sizes, depending on the platter.

What do you put in a fruit and veggie tray?

A tray full of garden-fresh veggiesÊsuch as baby carrots, broccoli,Êcauliflower, radishes, cherryÊtomatoes, celery, and snap peas.ÊSpecific selection may vary. Delicious cuts of seasonally-freshÊfruits such as pineapple, strawberries,Êmango, cantaloupe, red grapes, redÊand green apples.

What comes on a Marketside tray?

Mustard & mayonnaise available upon request. Marketside™ Meat & Cheese Tray Medium serves 15–18; large serves 20–25. Includes Prima Della turkey, roast beef, hard salami, & ham. Garnished with cherry tomatoes & olives. Marketside™ Cheese Tray Medium serves 15–18; large serves 20–25.

Does Walmart have a party platter?

Obviously, multiple large party platters can be purchased and arranged for larger events. Walmart also offers cold catering breakfast options (such as bagels, etc.) and a reasonable selection of dessert trays, cakes, and cookie platters.

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