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Walmart Banned List


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walmart banned list

Why was Wanda Jackson banned from Walmart?

The merchandise was valued at $46 and was recovered by Walmart in sellable condition. The event resulted in Wanda being banned from 4,540 Walmart stores across America. Her first incident -- at the same York, Pennsylvania store -- occurred seven months ago, on September, 26, 2014.

What can Walmart prohibit you from entering its property?

Walmart can prohibit individuals from entering its property who interfere with its business, shoplift, destroy property or otherwise behave in a manner that is unacceptable to Walmart. Walmart has determined that you have engaged in conduct sufficient to necessitate limiting your access to Walmart property.

Are Walmart shoes banned in the US?

Despite Walmart's stance, a federal judge issued the ban. U.S. District Judge David Carter said that Walmart's shoes, specifically the Time and True, No Boundaries, and Wonder Nation, "clearly bear striking similarities" to Vans' Old Skool shoe.

Why is Walmart banning Vans products?

The company called Vans' claims "weak," and stated the company was "not suffering irreparable harm"—which must be proven to enact a ban on sales—nor was its reputation tarnished as a result of Walmart's products. Walmart stated that the ban would cost them "tens of millions of dollars," and further refuted any counterfeiting on their part.

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