Walmart Axolotl Squishmallow


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walmart axolotl squishmallow

What is axolotl squishmallows?

Axolotl squishmallow is the collective name for all the axolotl plush squishmallows in the Axolotl class of squishmallow toys. The Squishmallow axolotl class is one of the most popular classes of squishmallow after the cow squishmallow class and the frog squishmallow class.

What are squishmallows?

Squishmallows are the softest, cuddliest, most huggable plush toys out there Great for sharing with your friends and gifting. Squishmallows are perfect for kids, tweens, collectors and toy lovers of all ages.

What kind of animal is Miss VI the squishmallow?

Miss Vi squishmallow is an axolotl with a blue gradient on her body, starting with a light blue on the top of her head and progressing all the way down to a deep indigo on her tail and feet. Miss Vi the axolotl has sparkly white gills and a blue frill on either side of her head, which adds to her allure.

What kind of squishmallow is orange with black eyes?

Nico Squishmallow is a bright orange axolotl with black eyes and a cat-like grin. Nico the axolotl lives in a cage. He has two stubby limbs as well as gills. Nico the axolotl squishmallow is an orange-colored plush. Nico was released in 2021. 12. Miss Vi Squishmallow

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