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vanilla syrup walmart

What is vanilla syrup?

Vanilla syrup is a great flavored sweetener to add to coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, and to use with desserts and baked treats. Artificial vanilla essence can give off a slightly chemical taste, although it is much more cost-effective to use than real vanilla beans.

What is sugar syrup made of?

It is basically a simple syrup that has been flavored with vanilla extract or vanilla beans. As opposed to adding granulated sugar to a drink and ending off your last sip with a mouthful of undissolved gritty sweetness, using a sugar syrup allows the liquids and flavors to blend evenly throughout.

How do you make vanilla syrup with vanilla beans?

Alternatively, you can use a vanilla bean, slicing the pod lengthwise and scraping the seeds into the sugar mixture. Add the entire pod into the syrup as well to extract additional flavor. Let the sugar mixture heat through for another minute before removing it from the heat.

What is the purpose of a teaspoon of vanilla extract?

We routinely buy this product to flavour my wife's morning Americano - a teaspoon ensures that the bitterness which accompanies the black coffee she drinks to be somewhat overcome and the vanilla adds a nice smooth flavour to the drink.

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