Storm Cursed A Mercy Thompson Novel

The storm cursed has been one of the most popular novels of the past decade. As a fan of the Mercy Thompson series, I was excited to read this new addition to the series. Storm Cursed is the eleventh installment in the series, written by author Patricia Briggs. The novel follows Mercy Thompson, a shapeshifter who works as a mechanic and lives on the Columbia River in Washington State. As she struggles with her own inner demons, she must also confront the supernatural dangers that threaten her world. This novel is a compelling and exciting journey of self-discovery, featuring intense and thrilling action scenes. I’m sure that readers who have been following the series will be thrilled to dive into the world of Storm Cursed.

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Storm Cursed

Storm Cursed, the eleventh installment in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, is a must-read for fans of fantasy fiction. Taking place in a mythical, yet modern world, the novel tells the story of Mercy, a shapeshifting mechanic, and her life in the Tri-Cities, Washington. In Storm Cursed, Mercy must face a powerful foe unlike any she has encountered before.

The novel is packed with action and intense scenes, as Mercy battles against a mysterious force that threatens to unleash destruction on the Tri-Cities. With the help of her friends and allies, Mercy must find a way to defeat this powerful enemy, and protect the city she has grown to love. Storm Cursed is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seat, as they watch Mercy fight to save the Tri-Cities.

Storm Cursed is the fifth novel in the New York Times bestselling series and has been praised by critics for its engaging characters and stunning world-building. Readers can expect an exciting adventure full of magic, mystery, and suspense, as Mercy and her allies take on the forces of evil. The novel has also been praised for its thoughtful exploration of themes such as friendship, loyalty, and strength.

Storm Cursed has been hailed as one of the best fantasy novels of 2019, with readers citing its gripping plot, vivid imagery, and likable characters. To date, the book has sold over 2 million copies and is sure to become a classic in the fantasy genre. Fans of Patricia Briggs’s work will not want to miss out

Plot Overview

Storm Cursed, the eleventh and most recent installment of the Mercy Thompson series, follows the story of our beloved protagonist Mercy Thompson as she navigates the supernatural world of the Tri-Cities. Set in the present day Pacific Northwest, the novel follows Mercy as she struggles to protect her human and supernatural friends from the looming threat of a powerful ancient force.

The plot of Storm Cursed follows Mercy as she navigates her complicated relationships with those closest to her. After a mysterious figure from her past appears with news of an impending apocalypse, Mercy must team up with her allies to protect her home. With the help of the werewolves, vampires, fae, and even witches, Mercy must face off against the forces of evil and protect her family and friends.

In the midst of the chaos, Mercy must also confront her own inner demons as she struggles to come to terms with her own identity and her place in the supernatural world. With tensions mounting and the stakes high, Storm Cursed is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats as they embark on this thrilling journey with Mercy.

Storm Cursed is a New York Times bestseller and has been highly praised by critics for its immersive world-building, complex characters, and action-packed plot. As the eleventh book in the Mercy Thompson series, Storm Cursed is an essential read for both die-hard fans and new readers alike. Be sure to add this thrilling novel to your must-read list!


Mercy Thompson is the main protagonist of the series and an important character in the supernatural universe of Patricia Briggs. She is a mechanic who can shapeshift into a coyote. She is also a powerful shaman and has a deep connection to the spirit world. Mercy’s role in the books is to fight evil, protect the innocent and help her friends who are also supernatural creatures. Her strength and resilience are well known among the supernatural communities and her human allies.

Adam Hauptman is the Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack and Mercy’s close companion. He is a werewolf and a master of business and politics. His loyalty to his pack and his friend is unshakable and he’s willing to sacrifice anything for them. He is a great leader and a strong warrior.

Honey Lemon is a powerful fae who becomes a close friend of Mercy’s. She is a master of magical arts and she uses her powers to help Mercy and protect her. Honey Lemon is a free spirit and live her life with a positive attitude.

Cry Wolf is a mysterious character with an unknown past. It is speculated that he is a werewolf, but he never reveals his true nature. He is a great warrior and is willing to help Mercy in her fight against evil. He is also a romantic interest for Mercy and their relationship is complicated.

The series of novels by Patricia Briggs are an exciting and action packed journey with well-developed characters. Mercy Thompson and her companions are beloved by readers all around the world


Storm Cursed is the eleventh book in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, first published in 2019. It follows the adventures of the titular character, Mercy, a were-coyote in a world of shifters and powerful magical creatures. The novel is set in the Pacific Northwest and is full of themes of loyalty, friendship, and the bonds of family.

The novel delves into the complicated relationships between humans and supernatural creatures, as they struggle to understand and accept one another. It also examines the effects of discrimination and prejudice on those who are different. As the novel progresses, Mercy and her allies must fight to protect their world from ancient and powerful forces.

Storm Cursed is also a story of courage and self-discovery. Mercy must confront her own inner demons and accept that she is a powerful entity in her own right. Along the way, she discovers that the bonds of friendship and family can be more powerful than any weapon.

Briggs has created a world full of action, suspense, and complex characters. Her writing has earned her a sizable cult following, with 12 million Mercy Thompson books in print around the world. Storm Cursed is a must-read for fans of the series and urban fantasy in general, as it delivers a thrilling story and a thought-provoking exploration of the themes of acceptance and loyalty.


Storm Cursed is the eleventh installment of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. This novel takes place in the Pacific Northwest and is set in a world full of werewolves, fae, vampires and other creatures of the night. The plot revolves around the titular character, Mercy Thompson, and her struggle against a mysterious force that has taken root in her home of Tri-Cities.

Worldbuilding is essential for any novel, particularly one set in a fantastical realm. In Storm Cursed, Briggs creates a believable setting using detailed descriptions and a strong sense of geography. Throughout the book, readers are exposed to the unique flora and fauna of the area as well as the culture of the local tribes. Additionally, Briggs incorporates various supernatural elements, such as magical wards and Norse mythology, to further immerse readers in the story.

In addition to her use of worldbuilding, Briggs also demonstrates her skill in creating relatable characters. Mercy Thompson is a strong-willed, independent protagonist who captures readers’ hearts with her courage and determination. Her supporting cast is just as diverse; from witches and vampires to fae and werewolves, Briggs has created a rich mythology to support her story.

What makes Storm Cursed stand out is its compelling narrative. Briggs has crafted a thrilling adventure that will leave readers on the edge of their seat. She deftly balances action, suspense, and romance to keep readers engaged and entertained. Furthermore, the book makes use of themes of family and loyalty, demonstrating the importance of these values when faced with adversity.

Writing Style

Storm Cursed, the eleventh novel in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Series, is an exciting paranormal fantasy novel. Briggs’ writing style is well known for its depth and complexity and this novel is no different. It is written in third person and follows multiple characters, allowing the reader to have a front row seat to the action.

The novel is filled with vivid descriptions that capture every detail of the story, from the characters’ emotions to the breathtaking setting of the Pacific Northwest. Readers are treated to an exploration of the mythology and folklore of werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural creatures. The dialogue is engaging and full of wit and humor that will keep the reader engaged.

The plot moves along at a steady pace, with the mystery and suspense ratcheting up in each chapter. Briggs’ story telling technique is meticulous and thorough, leaving no stone unturned as the story progresses. Her attention to detail makes for an engaging and thrilling read.

The novel has been highly praised by both readers and critics alike. It has won the Goodreads Choice Award for Fantasy in 2018 and it was also listed as a New York Times Bestseller in 2019. Readers have praised the novel for its captivating storytelling and its strong characters.

Storm Cursed is an excellent addition to the Mercy Thompson series and is a must-read for fans of Briggs’ writing. With its intricate plot and detailed descriptions, it is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Reviews and Reception

Storm Cursed is the latest novel in the Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series by author Patricia Briggs. This novel sees the return of its protagonists Mercy Thompson and her mate Adam Hauptman, as they struggle to protect their home town of Tri-Cities from an ancient and powerful evil. The novel has been met with critical acclaim, receiving favorable reviews from both fans and critics alike. It has been a bestseller on several lists, reaching the Top 10 on the New York Times Best Seller List and Amazon Best Seller list. Reviewers have praised the novel’s complex characters, engrossing story-line, and intricate world-building. Fans have also been quick to embrace the novel, citing its originality and its unique take on the urban fantasy genre. All in all, Storm Cursed has been a resounding success and is sure to be enjoyed by fantasy readers of all ages.


Storm Cursed: A Mercy Thompson Novel is an excellent book for any fan of fantasy and supernatural fiction. It is a great addition to any reader’s collection, and an enjoyable read for those looking for an interesting story. The characters are well written, and the storyline is captivating. The suspense created by the author draws the reader in and makes them want to keep reading. The ending is satisfying and leaves the reader with a sense of closure. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting and enjoyable read. Pick up a copy of Storm Cursed: A Mercy Thompson Novel today and start your adventure!