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Welcome to, founded by Jeff Lerner. We are a digital platform and community dedicated to helping small business owners create and launch their own products. Through our website, we provide a range of resources and services, from educational content to in-depth product development guides. We understand that starting a small business is an intimidating process, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We want to make sure that you have all the information necessary to make your product a success. So explore our website, and let us help you get started on your journey to becoming a successful small business owner.

Jeff Lerner

The world of digital product marketing has a new face – Jeff Lerner. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, Jeff has established himself as a leader in the industry. As the CEO of The DigiProduct, he has achieved success by bringing unique digital products to market, and by providing top quality customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Since launching The DigiProduct in 2019, Jeff has been able to reach a wide audience through his blog and social media channels. His blog covers topics from SEO and online marketing to customer service, all with the aim of helping businesses maximize their online presence. Additionally, Jeff’s work has been featured by some of the world’s top industry publications, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Jeff’s success extends beyond his work with The DigiProduct. He is an active advisor and mentor, offering guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs, and is a sought-after keynote speaker at marketing and technology conferences. In addition, Jeff has been honored as a recipient of the prestigious Inc. 5000 list, which recognizes the fastest-growing companies in America.

Jeff’s commitment to excellence, combined with his experience and leadership in the industry, make him a valuable asset to any business. With his passion and drive for success, he is sure to have a positive impact on the digital product market for many years to come. To learn more about Jeff and The DigiProduct visit

Early Life: Childhood to College

Jeff Lerner is an American entrepreneur and investor who is well-known for launching the digital product site, Born in 1988, Jeff had a passion for technology and business from an early age. As a young child, he spent countless hours tinkering with computers and learning about the inner workings of technology.

In high school, Jeff started his first web-based business, a music review blog. This blog was successful enough to help pay for his college tuition. During college, Jeff studied Computer Science and Business, and gained invaluable experience in the fields of web development and online marketing.

After graduating college, Jeff Lerner founded, a digital product marketplace. This platform allowed consumers to purchase and download digital products from a variety of vendors. In just two years, the site had over one million customers and Jeff had become a self-made millionaire.

Jeff Lerner is now considered one of the most successful digital product entrepreneurs in the world. His success has been featured on a number of major news outlets, including The New York Times, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He has also been featured in numerous public speaking engagements, and has been an advocate for online entrepreneurship.

Today, Jeff Lerner continues to invest in new technologies and help aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own businesses. He is an advocate for technology and education, and he is currently working to expand’s platform to include additional vendors and products.

Career Highlights

Jeff Lerner is a respected entrepreneur and business leader with a long history of success. He is the founder and CEO of DigiProduct, a leading digital product agency that helps businesses increase their profits by leveraging innovative digital strategies. As a business leader and mentor, Jeff has helped countless entrepreneurs create and grow their digital products.

Jeff started his career as a software engineer for a major tech firm. After gaining valuable experience, he launched his own software development business, DigiProduct, in 2015. Since then, DigiProduct has seen tremendous growth and helped thousands of businesses increase their profits. In fact, according to Wired Magazine, Jeff’s company has been responsible for creating over 1 billion dollars in revenue for their clients.

In addition to his success with DigiProduct, Jeff has also become a sought-after speaker in the digital product space. He has been featured at leading events such as SXSW, the Consumer Electronics Show, and the World Wide Developers Conference. Additionally, Jeff has written several books on the subject of digital product development, including “The Digital Product Masterclass” and “The Digital Product Playbook.”

Away from his digital product work, Jeff is an active philanthropist and mentor. He has founded several initiatives to help young entrepreneurs achieve success, including a scholarship program for high school students. He is also a board member for several non-profits, including the International Children’s Fund.

Jeff Lerner is a living example of how a career in digital product development can be both rewarding and successful.

Major Projects

Jeff Lerner has been a major force in the digital product world for a long time. His company, The Digital Product, has developed some of the most successful products in the industry, including the widely used Shazam. This platform allows users to quickly identify and purchase any music they hear. According to Jeff Lerner, the company has seen over 350 million downloads, with more than 30 million active monthly users.

The Digital Product team has also created a number of other products and services, such as Bandsintown, which helps fans discover live music events in their area. In addition, they have worked with several brands to develop their digital presence, including Under Armour, Microsoft, and Pepsi.

Jeff Lerner’s work has been showcased in a number of publications, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. He has been featured in interviews and articles, and spoken at events such as SXSW and Web Summit. His projects have won numerous awards, including a Webby Award for the Bandsintown app.

In addition to his work with The Digital Product, Jeff Lerner is an investor in several startups. He is an active angel investor, and has been involved with numerous accelerators and incubators. He also serves as an advisor to several companies, providing them with strategic advice and support.

In conclusion, Jeff Lerner is an experienced entrepreneur and digital product expert. He has worked on some of the biggest projects in the industry, and his experience and expertise make him an invaluable asset to any company.

Notable Achievements

Jeff Lerner is the founder of the website and has an impressive list of notable achievements. He developed the website to help people create, market, and sell digital products and services online. Since its launch in 2005, the website has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Jeff is a highly sought-after speaker and strategist. He has been featured in publications such as Wired, Entrepreneur, and The New York Times, and has spoken at high-level conferences such as TEDx, SXSW, and WebSummit. He has been recognized by Forbes as a “Top Digital Entrepreneur” and has appeared on television programs such as Good Morning America.

In addition, Jeff has been a vocal advocate for digital product entrepreneurs. He has launched several initiatives and events aimed at empowering digital product creators and helping them to achieve success. His organization, Supercharged Live, hosts annual events in cities across the US, and has featured notable speakers such as Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Marie Forleo.

Jeff’s success has resulted in many awards, including the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the National Association of Business Owners and the “Innovator of the Year” award from the Technology Association of Georgia. He has also been inducted into the “Digital Hall of Fame” and recognized as a “Top 10 Digital Entrepreneur” by the International Digital Entrepreneur Alliance.

Jeff’s success is a testament


Jeff Lerner, co-founder of, has a long history of philanthropy. His commitment to helping others began early in his career when he provided technology services to nonprofit organizations. He has since taken this commitment to the next level, founding the Lerner Family Foundation which seeks to support the development of innovative social projects.

The foundation has had a tremendous impact on the lives of many people in need. One example is their work in Haiti, where they funded the construction of a new school which provided educational opportunities to hundreds of children in an underserved community. In addition, the foundation has provided grants to numerous small businesses, enabling them to create jobs and improve the local economy.

The Lerner Family Foundation also works to empower women and girls around the world. Their flagship program, the Women’s Business Accelerator, has provided thousands of women with the knowledge and resources they need to start and grow their own businesses. In addition, the foundation has supported women’s rights organizations, providing funds for initiatives such as the Global Fund for Women.

Jeff Lerner’s philanthropic work has gained recognition from a variety of organizations. He has been honored by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, and has received the U.S. Presidential Award for Innovation in Philanthropy. He has also been featured in publications such as Forbes and Time Magazine, highlighting his commitment to making the world a better place.

Jeff Lerner’s philanthropy work is a testimony to his values and beliefs. His dedication to

Media Appearances

Jeff Lerner is the owner and founder of the website, a comprehensive hub for digital product analysis and reviews. His work has been featured in some of the top media outlets, both print and digital, such as Forbes, HuffPost, and Fast Company. Through his website, Jeff has opened the door for readers to gain access to important information regarding the latest digital products and services available.

In his most recent media appearance, Jeff spoke about the dangers of malicious software and the importance of having reliable online protection. He offered insight into the different types of security solutions, such as malware blockers, and how they can help protect users from the risks of cybercrime. Furthermore, he spoke about the various strategies that businesses need to implement in order to protect their customers’ data.

Jeff has also offered his expertise on the changing trends of the digital product market. In his discussion with the Forbes team, he highlighted the growing popularity of subscription-based services, and the potential of these services to drive growth in the digital product industry. Additionally, he discussed the emergence of artificial intelligence and the impact it will have on digital product manufacturers.

Jeff Lerner’s work has become an invaluable resource for digital product enthusiasts, and his advice on the latest news in the industry is highly sought after. He can be seen regularly in interviews, podcasts, and other media outlets, offering his insights on the ever-changing digital product landscape. Jeff is an expert in the field of digital product analysis, and his work can be found on thedigiproduct.


Jeff Lerner and The DigiProduct have been a great resource for entrepreneurs looking to level up their online business. His advice has been insightful, his research is thorough, and his resources are extremely helpful. I’ve been able to learn how to optimize my website, increase conversions, and make more money from my online business. I highly recommend anyone looking to grow their online presence to visit and follow Jeff Lerner’s blog for the latest trends in digital products. By following his advice, you too can increase your online presence and grow your business. Take the first step today and visit to get the resources you need to take your business to the next level.