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serratiopeptidase walmart

What are the uses of serratiopeptidase?

Serratiopeptidase used for Bones and joints pain, Swelling, Muscles pain, Bloating, Blood clots, Sore throatand other conditions. Serratiopeptidase Tablet may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.Serratiopeptidase Tablet contains Serratiopeptidase as an active ingredient.Serratiopeptidase Tablet works

What is serrapeptase made of?

Serrapeptase — also known as serratiopeptidase — is a proteolytic enzyme, meaning it breaks down proteins into smaller components called amino acids. It’s produced by bacteria in the digestive tract of silkworms and allows the emerging moth to digest and dissolve its cocoon.

What is Serratia used for?

Serratia bacteria in the worms produce the enzyme to dissolve the silkworm’s cocoon, allowing the worm to emerge as a moth. The substance was first introduced as an anti-inflammatory agent in Japan in the 1960s. It has since been used as a common drug both by itself and in compound medications.

Does serrapeptase help with wisdom teeth pain?

Summary Serrapeptase has been shown to reduce some of the symptoms associated with inflammation following the surgical removal of wisdom teeth. Serrapeptase has been shown to reduce pain — a common symptom of inflammation — by inhibiting pain-inducing compounds.

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