Rossi Circuit Judge For Sale At Walmart


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rossi circuit judge for sale at walmart

What is a Rossi Circuit Judge?

The Rossi Circuit Judge is a fascinating and ingenious hybrid that’s part revolver, part shotgun. It’s got a 5-round cylinder chambered to handle both .45 Colt AND up to 3” Magnum .410 bore shot shells. The Circuit Judge has a single-action/double-action trigger so you can fire either for precision or speed.

Is the Rossi Circuit a Long Colt?

The rifle overall is only just a tad under 90 centimeters in length, so it is rather not a long colt. Actually, it's a fairly short firearm, but it is a legal length for a rifle for example in Australia. The barrel length of the Rossi circuit is something you need to pay attention to in the search for the new gun you want to have in stock.

How big is a Rossi rifle barrel?

But all retained the 18.5” barrel length with varying weights of 75 to 90 ounces, different sight combinations and lengths between 32” to 36”. While the Rossi name sounds Italian, the company is actually Brazilian albeit founded by Amadeo Rossi who was either an Italian immigrant or of Italian extraction.

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