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reverse trap anime

What is an anime trap?

Although the definition of an anime trap has changed over time, it is a man who doesn’t fit into society’s ideal of what a man should look like. Often, he appears more feminine and gentler. There is also the reverse trap, which is a girl with more masculine characteristics.

What are some of the best reverse traps in anime?

The Reverse Trap is strong with this one *^* #2 .) Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran Highschool Host Club Coming in at number 2 is probably the most well-known reverse trap in anime. Haruhi Fujioka was forced to cut her hair after a kid got gum stuck in it, and she doesn’t really care for how she looks.

What is a reverse trap?

A 'reverse trap' is simply the opposite - A female character pretending to be a male one. This is why Charlotte falls under this category. (Until she is outed to be a female). Similar to above, characters who are masculine are not strictly reverse traps. Show activity on this post.

Are there any anime traps that actually look like girls?

Same as anime traps really, most of the time they look 100% like girls. Whether it's trap or reverse trap, the people who are into that want to look at something that looks like a girl. actually, Rei Batsubami from kakegurui xx or the second season was pretty convincing and attractive. I thought she was a dude at first.

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