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Result Awaited

Is it correct if I am using await?

Waiting for your reply and awaiting your reply both are correct . They seem to have the same meaning .Awaiting for your reply is incorrect . Awaiting is transitive verb and needs object . Waiting is in intransitive verb and can be used with or without object .

How do I await the result of evaluatejavascript?

let script = """ async function work () { return await new Promise (function (resolve, reject) { setTimeout (resolve, 3000); }).then (function () { //Some code return "HELLO" }); } work ().then (item => item) """ webView.evaluateJavaScript (script) { (result, error) in if let error = error { print ("Complete", error) } print ("Result", result) }

Are deadlocks still possible with await?

Using async/await doesn’t make deadlocks any more likely than they were before; you still need the same conditions you always previously needed in order to end up with these kinds of situations. In fact, there are often mitigating factors when using async/await that make deadlocks less likely.

When to use await?

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