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ramune walmart

What is the role of Walmart in the Indian economy?

Walmart offers Indian consumers a mix of modern shopping experiences and helps local sellers and suppliers, including kiranas, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises. (MSMEs), farmers, artisans and women-owned businesses to modernize, prosper and create local jobs in the country.

What are Walmart and Flipkart doing to support MSMEs in India?

To support local business and help strengthen the economy in India, Walmart and Flipkart have launched several initiatives: Walmart Vriddhi, launched December 2019, is a comprehensive growth and training program that helps MSMEs modernize, scale, and meet their domestic and international ambitions.

What is the work of Walmart in Bengaluru?

The teams in Bengaluru, Chennai and Gurugram are engaged in creating cutting-edge engineering and product development solutions to support Walmart’s strategy of offering customers an anywhere, anytime shopping experience.

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