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rabbit bedding walmart

How long does rabbit bedding last?

If you have multiple rabbits, you might find that this product won’t last as long as other paper-based products might. This unscented bedding is perfect for those who wish to eliminate the odors coming from the rabbit’s habitat. It can control odor for up to 2 weeks. Spot cleaning daily will make the bedding last its full life span.

What is the best bedding for rabbits?

Our favorite rabbit bedding was the pick by Hamiledyi, as it's made with toxin-free hay straw that provides comfort while also allowing your rabbit to chew on the bedding without getting sick. That being said, if you're looking for bedding that allows for quick cleaning, check out the option from Small Pets Select.

What is rabbit bedding made out of?

The bedding is made up of small crumbles of paper that are super soft to the touch. As the crumbles become wet, they expand, making the bedding even softer than before. This bedding is perfect for burrowing and will keep your rabbit feeling safe and warm. The paper used in this product is 100% recycled.

Is that a real rabbit in Walmart’s Bunny shop?

A shopper spotted a real rabbit among bunny statues in Walmart. Mari Nelson/Getty Images

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