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pet caskets walmart

Where does Walmart get its caskets?

Walmart gets its casket inventory from Overnight Caskets. If you buy directly from Overnight Caskets, the price will almost be the same as what you will pay when buying from Walmart. In terms of quality, Walmart caskets for sale are at par with the products of most other dealers.

Can a funeral home require you to buy a casket?

But according to the FTC’s Funeral Rule (a federal regulation), a funeral home has to accept third-party caskets and use them at the consumer’s request. The funeral home can’t require you to purchase a casket from its own inventory to provide you with other services. How Much Do Caskets at Walmart Cost?

How long does it take for Walmart to ship a casket?

When you purchase a Walmart casket online through the store’s website, the order is coursed to an external casket manufacturer. Thus, shipping within 24 hours may not be possible. In many cases, your order will be delivered to the funeral home in around 48 hours. You can be sure that the casket you are buying is of high quality.

What should you look for when buying a casket?

You can be sure that the casket you are buying is of high quality. Funeral parlors can often provide a casket for the deceased. You can expect that they make good profit from selling and arranging the delivery of the casket to the mortuary on behalf of the bereaved family.

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