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non japanese anime

What shows do non Japanese people think are anime?

21 Non-Japanese Shows People Always Think Are Anime 1 Avatar: The Last Airbender. 2 Teen Titans. 3 The Legend of Korra. 4 Samurai Jack. 5 RWBY. 6 Code Lyoko. 7 The Boondocks. 8 Batman Beyond. 9 Ben 10. 10 Totally Spies! More items...

What are the best anime and manga made by non-Japanese creators?

The Best Anime & Manga Made By Non-Japanese Creators 1 Dr. ... 2 Vinland Saga (?) Of all of these series, Vinland Saga is easily the most anime of the bunch. ... 3 Radiant (France) Despite its protagonist's resemblance to Naruto and Luffy, Radiant started as a French Manfra, a French comic made to imitate manga and anime art styles. More items...

Which anime characters have non-Japanese voice actors?

Here are the anime characters who have non-Japanese voice actors. Albert Volanadel was recently introduced in the third season of Free!-Dive to the Future-, with fans eager to see more of him in the upcoming fourth season and movie. The free-spirited Swedish swimmer can never sit still, always finding an opportunity to sneak away from his coach.

How many animated series (non-anime) are there?

The Top 52 Animated Series (Non-Anime) by CorleoneWarrior88|created - 06 Jul 2015|updated - 14 Jul 2015|Public The 52 Highest Rated Animated Series on IMDb not anime or inspired by anime RefineSee titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc Instant Watch Options Genres Movies or TV IMDb Rating In Theaters On TV Release Year

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