Nirmal Lottery Result 16 4 21


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Nirmal Lottery Result 16 4 21

What is the Kerala lottery code for Nirmal?

The lottery code is “AK”. The live result of the Nirmal lottery will be updated here at 3 pm daily and the complete result of the Kerala lottery Nirmal will be officially published at 4 pm in the evening. You can download and print the official PDF of the Kerala lottery Nirmal result from 4 pm onwards.

How to play the Nirmal lottery?

To play the Nirmal Lottery, purchase a ticket for the next draw at a cost of ₹40. You will receive a code consisting of two letters and six numbers. The code always starts with the letter ‘N’, followed by a second letter which shows the series of the ticket.

What is Nirmal Bhagyakuri lottery?

Nirmal bhagyakuri is one of the six weekly lotteries. The Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries conducts the lottery draw on Friday for the ticket Nirmal. The lottery code is “AK”.

When is the next draw of Nirmal lottery 2021?

The latest Nirmal result was draw NR-254. The next draw will be Nirmal NR-255 on Friday 17th December 2021. Want to play the Lottery online? Download a VPN and follow the instructions here.

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