Mary Crosby

Mary Crosby is an American actress best known for her role as Kristin Shepard in the television series Dallas. She is a talented and versatile performer with a career spanning over 40 years. From her earliest role as a child actress on the classic sci-fi series Lost in Space, to her more recent appearances in television shows such as The L Word and Criminal Minds, she has consistently delivered captivating performances. Mary Crosby has also starred in a number of successful films including The Ice Pirates and The Stepford Wives. In this article, we will explore Mary Crosby’s career and discover why she continues to captivate audiences.

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Mary Crosby

Mary Crosby is a talented and well-known actress who has been gracing the small and silver screens for decades. Through her career, she has made a name for herself, and has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. She is best known for her role on the hit television series Dallas, where she played the vengeful Kristin Shepard. She has also appeared in films such as L.A. Story, Overboard, and Corrina, Corrina.

Her career began in the 1970s, when she appeared in the television show Baretta and the films The Long Goodbye and Freebie and the Bean. She then went on to appear in a variety of television series, including Barnaby Jones, Charlie’s Angels, and The Love Boat. In 1982, she won a Golden Globe award for her role in the movie The Scarlet Letter.

Mary’s career continued to thrive through the 1990s. She starred in the popular sitcom Mad About You, and also had a recurring role on the TV show Frasier. In 2000, she appeared in the movie Lost Souls and in 2009, she had a role in the film My Sister’s Keeper.

Throughout her career, Mary has won a variety of awards including three Emmy Award nominations and one Golden Globe. She has been recognized for her work both on television and in film. Her influence has been widely acknowledged, with the National Association of Broadcasters nominating her for their Hall of Fame in 2017.

Mary Crosby has built a prolific career with her talent and determination, and has made

Early Life

Mary Crosby was born on September 14, 1959 in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing in the US drama series Dallas. She is the daughter of legendary singers and actors Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grant. Her parents divorced in 1967 and she was raised primarily by her mother.

At the age of 17, Mary appeared in her first major film, the John Travolta disco classic, Saturday Night Fever. She also starred in the 1980 sci-fi movie, The Black Hole, and other films including ‘Carny’ and ‘The Longshot’.

In 1981, Mary was cast as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the hit TV show Dallas. Her character replaced the original Pamela Barnes Ewing, played by Victoria Principal. She appeared in over 70 episodes of the series, which ran for 13 seasons before ending in 1991. During her run on the show, she earned a Golden Globe nomination and was dubbed “Miss Ewing” by fans.

Throughout her career, Mary has made guest appearances on numerous television shows including Frasier, The Love Boat, and Murder She Wrote. She has also maintained roles in several theater productions. Most recently, she made an appearance in a 2017 episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Mary is currently living in Los Angeles and is the mother of two children. She works as an animal rights activist and is an advocate for the preservation of wild horses. She is also involved in various charities and is a volunteer at the LA Zoo.

Career Breakthrough

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Overall, Mary Crosby is a true success story in the tech sector. With her newfound success, she is now able to focus on her passion of

Acting Roles

Mary Crosby is a well-known actress in the entertainment industry, having made her mark through roles in both television and film. Her most notable roles include the iconic role of Kristin Shepard in the hit TV show Dallas and the cult classic horror movie Halloween

  1. Throughout her impressive career, she has appeared in over 20 films and television shows, making her an established name in the industry.

    Her first role was in the short-lived TV series The Mississippi in 1982 and since then she has gone on to star in films such as The Burning Bed, RoboCop, and Not Another Teen Movie. In addition to her on-screen acting, Crosby has also done some voice-over work, with her most memorable part being in the hit animated show Rick and Morty.

    Crosby’s most recent work is a recurring role as ‘Gran’ma Lizzie’ in the Apple TV+ series, See. This series, which is set in the future and stars Jason Momoa, has been getting rave reviews from critics, and Mary’s performance has been highly praised.

    Due to her successful and long-standing acting career, Mary Crosby has been nominated for several awards, including a Primetime Emmy award in 1984 for her role in Dallas. She’s also been recognized for her work in the horror genre, having won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie Halloween

  2. Mary Crosby continues to be a major force in the entertainment industry and has a large fan base. With her impressive list of roles and awards, it’s no surprise

Behind the Camera

Mary Crosby is an accomplished and engaging Hollywood actress who is best known for her role as Kristin Shepard in the hit CBS soap opera, Dallas. She portrayed the iconic character for seven years, from 1981 to 1988. During that time, she earned four Golden Globe Award nominations as well as a People’s Choice Award nomination.

Off screen, Mary Crosby is an accomplished photographer and lenswoman. She has been featured in National Geographic and her work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Getty Museum. She is passionate about capturing and sharing the beauty of nature, and her photography often features nature in its most raw and unadulterated form.

Mary Crosby also has a long history of philanthropy and advocacy. She served as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Clean Water and was awarded the World Water Day Award in 2011. In her role as a Goodwill Ambassador, Crosby worked to bring clean water and sanitation to communities around the globe.

Additionally, Crosby is a passionate animal advocate and has been a board member of the Humane Society of the United States since 2014. She has worked with the organization to promote animal welfare, combat animal cruelty, and support animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Mary Crosby is truly a multifaceted artist and humanitarian. From her groundbreaking role as Kristin Shepard to her philanthropic and advocacy work, she has left an indelible mark on the entertainment and philanthropic worlds.

Personal Life

Mary Crosby is a renowned American actress, best known for her role as Kristin Shepard in the popular soap opera Dallas. Before her illustrious acting career, Mary was born in Los Angeles, California in 1959 to actors Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grant. Her mother was a successful actress, having started her career in the 1950s, while her father was a popular singer and actor who found fame in the 1930s.

At the age of five, Mary made her first television appearance in her father’s show, The Bing Crosby Show. She later went on to study at the University of Southern California. She had a brief career in modeling before her big break in acting.

Mary’s earliest acting roles were in television commercials, and in 1976, she made her feature film debut in the movie Battle for the Planet of the Apes. Her big break came in 1979 when she appeared in the soap opera Dallas. She won a Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Movie in 1981.

Mary continued to act well into the 2000s, appearing in various television films and series. She has also appeared in productions such as The West Wing, Shark, and Desperate Housewives. In 2017, she returned to Dallas for its revival series.

In her personal life, Mary has been married twice; first to actor Bruce Abbott, and later to Christopher Shea. She has two children and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


Mary Crosby, the daughter of the legendary actor/singer Bing Crosby, made an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. She is best known for her role as Kristin Shepard in the epic primetime soap opera Dallas, a role that earned her a Golden Globe nomination. Despite her untimely death in 2006, Mary’s legacy lives on through her work in television and film.

Mary made her acting debut on the stage at the age of six, appearing in a production of The Music Man. She continued to work in theater and film, including a few projects with her father Bing. Mary’s most widely-known role was as the notorious Kristin Shepard in Dallas. Her iconic character was the primary antagonist of the famous “Who Shot J.R.?” storyline, which captivated the nation.

While Mary was a successful actress in her own right, she was also a renowned humanitarian. She served on the board of directors of the Los Angeles Mission and volunteered her time to a number of other charities, including Easter Seals and the Special Olympics. She also founded the Mary Crosby Charitable Foundation, which was dedicated to the fight against blindess.

Though Mary is gone, her legacy still resonates in the entertainment industry. She was a beloved actress who also was a devoted wife and mother. She was tireless in her efforts to help those in need and her philanthropic work continues to make an impact. Mary’s influence on the world of television and film will continue long after her death.


Mary Crosby is a shining example of an artist who has found success through hard work and dedication. She has achieved more success than most could ever hope to, and her talent is undeniable. I believe that her journey is an inspiring one that many should look to for motivation and drive. No matter what field you’re in, if you set your mind to it, you can make it a reality. Her story is evidence of that. I hope that the legacy and success of Mary Crosby will continue to grow and inspire the generations that come after her. Let’s all take a page out of her book and strive for greatness.