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magic honey walmart

Why magic honey energizing honey?

Our 100% Natural Magic Honey Energizing Honey helps you have better physical and mental performance while strengthening your immune system with all the natural benefits of our ingredients. 1 envelope of Magic Honey gives you 72 continuous hours of energy where you can have greater mental clarity, more strength and vitality.

How to use 100% natural magical honey?

It can be consumed directly from the sachet as a shot of power and energy, you can add it to your juices and it works perfectly as a natural sweetener, you can pour honey directly on your favorite foods. Each sachet of 100% Natural Magical Honey will have an effect of 72 hours, so a maximum consumption of 2 sachets per week should not be exceeded.

How long does magic honey last?

A single shot of Magic Honey fills you with energy and vitality for 72 hours. Magic Honey improves the quality of sperm. What is Magic Honey used for?

How much is Y s Eco bee farms raw manuka honey active?

Product - Y S Eco Bee Farms Raw Manuka Honey Active 15 12 oz 340 g Product Image. Price $39.87. Product Title Y S Eco Bee Farms Raw Manuka Honey Active 15 12 oz 340 g. There is a problem adding to cart. Please try again.

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