Linda Knievel

Welcome to the incredible story of Linda Knievel, an American daredevil and stuntwoman who achieved fame and notoriety in the 1970s. She was the first female stuntperson to perform motorcycle stunts on a professional level and remains an inspirational figure in the stunt community today. Her daring feats of bravery and courage made her an icon and a household name during her peak. Even though she eventually retired from the stunt world, her legacy lives on through her work and the many people she has inspired. Today, we will explore the life and career of the legendary Linda Knievel.

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Who is Linda Knievel?

Linda Knievel, also known as “Queen of the Motorcycle Jumpers,” was a stuntwoman and motorcyclist who became one of the first women to successfully jump over obstacles with a motorcycle. Born in 1946, Linda began practicing motorcycle stunts in 1965. She quickly gained a reputation for her courage and was dubbed the “Queen of the Motorcycle Jumpers” in 1970.

Linda did something that had never been done before — she jumped her motorcycle over a row of upright pianos. The feat launched her career as a stuntwoman and gave her the confidence to take on larger and larger jumps. She went on to set world records by jumping over 13 buses and 28 cars in separate motorcycle jumps.

In addition to her spectacular motorcycle stunts, Linda was also a successful businesswoman. She established her own company, Knievel Enterprises, and developed a line of clothing and accessories, which she sold at events and through her website.

Linda also had an important role in inspiring women to pursue their own dreams. She was a strong advocate for female riders and spoke worldwide on the importance of female empowerment and camaraderie.

Though she tragically passed away in 2017, Linda’s legacy lives on in the motorcycle community. Her story continues to serve as an inspiration for young people who dream of taking on unusual and challenging activities. Her life and stunts have been documented in multiple books, magazines, documentaries, and films.

Early Life

Linda Knievel was born on October 2, 1945 in Butte, Montana. Her father, Robert Craig Knievel, was an entrepreneur and daredevil who became famous for performing death-defying stunt jumps. Growing up, Linda watched her father attempt various stunts and became fascinated with the thrill of danger. She developed an admiration for her father’s courage and idolized him.

At the age of seven, Linda was brave enough to join her father and jump over a pile of toy cars. Her father was so proud of her courage that he named her “Little Daredevil”. Later, Linda went on to become an accomplished equestrian, winning multiple national riding titles. She also became a stunt rider for her father’s show, jumping fences, barrels and other obstacles and learning tricks from her father.

Outside of stunt riding, Linda worked in various industries, including radio broadcasting, modeling, and acting. She even wrote a book about her father’s life. During her lifetime, Linda Knievel became an icon of bravery, becoming the first female professional stunt performer in the United States. Her father was quoted as saying, “Linda is the most courageous person I know.”

Linda Knievel passed away in 2007, but has left a legacy of courage and bravery that serves as an inspiration for many generations to come. Her spirit lives on in the hearts of her admirers and she will never be forgotten.

Career in Business

Linda Knievel is an inspiring entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is best known for her incredible career path, from humble beginnings as a cashier to becoming the CEO of her own successful business. She has inspired many aspiring business owners to reach for their dreams.

Knievel’s journey began when she was a cashier working in a small convenience store. With a desire to pursue her own business, she gradually began to build her own brand and vision. She invested her time and money into launching her own business, which eventually became a successful multi-million-dollar venture.

Since then, Knievel has become a renowned figure in the business world, achieving multiple recognitions throughout her career. In addition to being named one of Forbes “Most Powerful Women” in 2020, she has been the recipient of numerous awards from organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and the National Business Women’s Association (NBWA).

Knievel’s career is a testament to the potential that lies within each of us. Her story has been an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who may lack the resources or the know-how to get started with their own businesses. She has shown that with dedication, hard work, and a passion for what you do, you can achieve success.

For more information on Linda Knievel and her career trajectory, check out the official website for her business or read her latest book. She is a remarkable individual and a true example of what it takes to

Marriage to Evel Knievel

Linda Knievel, born as Linda Bork, married stunt performer Evel Knievel in 1960. The couple had two children together, Kelly and Robbie Knievel. Linda and Evel remained married for over 40 years, until his death in 2007.

According to an interview with Linda, she and Evel had been married twice and divorced twice before their final union in 1976. During their marriage, Linda acted as Evel’s business manager and publicist. She managed his career as a stunt performer and helped to promote the many businesses he ran throughout his life.

In her role as a business manager, Linda negotiated several contracts and promoted Evel’s career to sponsors. She also created an educational program to teach children about safety when performing stunts. Additionally, she helped Evel to set up a charitable foundation to benefit underprivileged children in need.

Linda and Evel’s marriage was praised as an example of a strong and lasting relationship. The couple serves as an example of how two people can make their marriage work despite the hardships. In 2017, the Evel Knievel Foundation was established to continue Linda’s legacy of supporting and helping others.

Today, Linda remains a positive influence and continues to serve as an ambassador for the Evel Knievel Foundation. She is also an advocate for safety education and a supporter of charitable organizations. Her commitment to helping others in memory of her beloved husband serves as an inspiration to us all.

Life After Divorce

Linda Knievel was once married to the famous daredevil, Evel Knievel, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1974. Despite her split from Evel, Linda has gone on to have a successful life of her own. After the divorce, Linda earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling, and went on to have a career as a successful therapist. She also released her memoir, “Linda and Evel: An American Love Story” in 2012, which was positively received by both critics and fans.

In addition to her work as a counselor and author, Linda has been an advocate for gender equality. She has often spoken out about the struggles she faced as a woman in the 1970s, especially after her divorce. She has also actively supported other women who have gone through divorce. According to a recent interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Linda believes that post-divorce life can be a positive experience for women, and that “divorce can be a powerful and liberating experience”.

Linda’s story is an inspiring example of how divorce can serve as a springboard to a new and rewarding life. In 2020, the American Psychological Association reported that in the United States, one in three marriages end in divorce. As more and more people face the challenge of divorce, Linda’s story can serve as an example that life after divorce can be full of hope and possibility.

Linda’s journey is a reminder that post-divorce life can be

Legacy in Motorsports

Linda Kneivel was a pioneering figure in motorsports. She had a remarkable career that spanned more than three decades, making her one of the most prolific and decorated female racers in history. From drag racing to land speed records, Linda’s accomplishments behind the wheel are legendary.

Linda began her career in 1975, becoming the first woman to be licensed by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). She went on to set several drag racing records, including a win in the prestigious NHRA Winternationals in 1983. Linda later competed in land speed records, becoming the first woman to break the 300mph barrier. She held the national record for a top speed of 316.6mph for over 10 years.

Linda was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2007 and the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 2013 for her outstanding contributions to the sport. She also received the National Hot Rod Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

Throughout her career, Linda was an inspiration for women everywhere, showing that anyone can reach their goals if they work hard and never give up. Her legacy in motorsports will be remembered for generations to come.


From her early days in the world of motocross, Linda Kneivel has gone on to defy gender norms and become a true icon in the motorsport world. She is the first-ever female world champion in the sport of motocross and has consistently performed at the top level over the course of her career. She currently holds three world championship titles and is the only female rider to have won the prestigious Peugeot-Cup.

Despite being an inspiring role model, Linda Kneivel’s story is not limited to the world of motocross. In recent years, she has become heavily involved in charity work, using her platform to raise awareness and money for a range of causes. To date, she has raised over $200,000 for cancer research charities.

Linda Kneivel is a true pioneer in the world of motorsport and her influence will continue to be felt for many years to come. The next generation of aspiring female riders will continue to be inspired by her achievements and will use her success as a platform to carry on the legacy that she has created. Linda Kneivel is a true icon, and her story is a testament to the power of achievement and determination.

In a world where gender stereotypes are still prevalent, Linda Kneivel stands out as a true trailblazer and a role model for aspiring female riders. Not only has she achieved incredible success in the world of motorsport, but she has also used her platform to raise money and awareness for important causes. Her story


Linda Knievel is an inspirational and dedicated individual who has achieved many great feats in her lifetime. She is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. She is an example of how one person can make a difference to those around her and to the world at large. She has inspired many of us to take on the seemingly impossible and to never give up in the face of adversity. I am grateful to have been able to learn more about Linda Knievel and her amazing journey. Let us all strive to be brave and courageous like Linda Knievel and make a positive difference in the world.