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Last week, I had the pleasure of watching a show that changed the way I think about comedy. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, a show available on YouTube, is a comedic and satirical news show that takes a deep dive into global political and social issues. It’s a show that I never miss and it’s one that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a show that not only makes you laugh but also encourages you to think more critically about the world around us. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver uses comedy as a tool to address and discuss current events in a way that is both enjoyable and informative. It’s a unique show that has entertained and enlightened audiences for years and I’m sure that its impact will remain for many years to

Last Week Tonight

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and current events, Last Week Tonight is the perfect show to watch. Hosted by John Oliver, the show is a weekly satirical news program that covers important topics and events from the previous week. Last Week Tonight has gained immense popularity since its premiere in 2014. The show now has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and has over 12 million views per episode, making it one of the most popular news shows in the world.

The show’s format includes Oliver’s humorous commentary on the news stories of the week and often features interviews with distinguished guests. Last Week Tonight also provides comprehensive coverage of issues that don’t make it to mainstream news outlets. Oliver has covered topics like net neutrality, gun control, and the international refugee crisis. In addition, the show has also developed an online resource hub with additional information and resources related to the topics covered in the show.

No matter where you get your news from, Last Week Tonight is a great way to stay informed and entertained. The show has a witty and intelligent approach to news coverage and is extremely informative. So if you’re looking for an entertaining and reliable source for the news, Last Week Tonight is a great place to start.

YouTube Format

The Last Week Tonight show, hosted by John Oliver, has been an immensely popular show on HBO since 2014. It has also had a huge presence on YouTube with their official channel boasting over 10 million subscribers. The show follows a unique format, which is a combination of in-depth reporting, comedy sketches and interviews. It has earned a strong reputation for tackling topics such as politics, business and social issues with an unrivalled wit and insight.

The Last Week Tonight YouTube channel captures the full range of this original content. Each week a new episode is uploaded which features the main story from the show, followed by a selection of sketches, interviews and footage from the show. The channel features a wide variety of content from across the globe, including clips of John Oliver presenting from abroad and interviews with prominent figures in various industries.

In addition to its weekly uploads, the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel also offers a selection of bonus material. This includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, live Q&As and additional sketches. This additional content has proven to be an incredibly popular supplement to the show, with millions of views across the channel.

The Last Week Tonight YouTube channel has proved to be a huge success with fans of the show. It has not only provided a platform for John Oliver to further his views on topical issues, but also enabled viewers to engage with the show in an even deeper way. With its combination of comedy and insightful reporting, Last Week Tonight has become an essential part of our weekly viewing.

John Oliver’s Style

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on YouTube has become a popular source of news and entertainment since the show’s debut in 2014. John Oliver’s style of presenting news and current events is characterized by his incisive wit, detailed research, and comedic timing. His segments have become increasingly popular over the years, and a quick search on YouTube will reveal just how popular his channel has become.

Beyond the show’s comedic elements, John Oliver also uses his platform to discuss relevant topics to his viewers. His topics range from the Brexit referendum to the dangers of unregulated digital data, and his work has made a real impact on public discourse. The show has also been praised by critics and viewers alike for its sharp analysis of current events and its ability to discuss serious topics in a humorous way.

John Oliver’s success is only exemplified by the show’s influence on popular culture. His segments have been shared, parodied, and quoted widely, showing the show’s reach beyond the confines of the television screen. It’s not uncommon to hear phrases from the show cited in conversations, or to see them quoted in articles and social media posts.

Overall, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight has become a cultural phenomenon that is enjoyed by millions of viewers around the world. Through his unique style and smart storytelling, he has become one of the most influential political commentators of the 21st century. With each new weekly episode, John Oliver continues to provide viewers with a mix of entertainment and education.

YouTube Popularity

The success of the show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been nothing short of amazing. Its Youtube page, LastWeekTonight, has skyrocketed in viewership, amassing over 11 million subscribers and over 2 billion total video views. With such incredible reach, its no surprise that the show has become an international phenomenon.

According to YouTube, LastWeekTonight is the sixth most popular channel, and its videos have been viewed more than any other news show on the platform. With its witty and clever ability to take on tough topics with informative discussions, John Oliver has helped YouTube become a great source for news and entertainment.

Additionally, LastWeekTonight has become a great way for viewers to stay informed on current world events. With over 4.6 million views per video, it is no surprise that the show’s audience is growing with each new episode. Oliver’s unique style and humorous approach to storytelling has helped the show remain popular and become a must-watch for many viewers around the world.

It is clear that Last Week Tonight’s success and popularity is due in part to its presence on YouTube. With a wide reach and entertaining approach to topics, the show has become a powerful platform for educating and informing viewers on current events. With such incredible success, it is no surprise that LastWeekTonight has become the sixth most popular channel on YouTube.

Political Commentary

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been a staple of political commentary for many years. The show, which began airing on HBO in 2014, has gained a substantial following and has become an influential source of opinion on politics for many viewers. According to a 2019 survey, it was the most popular talk show in the United States among people aged 18-24. What makes Last Week Tonight with John Oliver a unique source of political commentary is its combination of wit, humor, and in-depth research. Oliver covers a wide range of topics from political issues to social justice, and offers his own unique perspective. In addition, the segment often includes interviews with experts to provide the audience with fact-based information. Last Week Tonight’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for viewers to access the show’s content. It features clips from the show, as well as full episodes, and is updated weekly with new content. With over 44 million subscribers, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is an essential source of political commentary for many viewers.

Viral Videos

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has taken the internet by storm. With its cleverly crafted, humor-filled commentary on news stories and current events, it has become one of the most viral videos of all time. In fact, according to YouTube, the show has been viewed over 4.5 billion times since its launch in 2014.

Not only does the show provide insightful views on a variety of topics, it also serves to enlighten its viewers on topics that they might not have heard about otherwise. Last Week Tonight has received praise from a variety of critics and viewers alike, and has even been credited with making a real impact on the world.

Moreover, the show has also been recognized as one of the most popular comedies of all time, and its videos often appear on the front page of YouTube. With its witty observations and creative skits, it has become a fan favorite and has helped to make comedy a more integral part of the online experience.

The show has even made an appearance on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On each platform, Last Week Tonight provides even more content for its fans, making it one of the most successful shows in history. With its clever use of comedy and its ability to attract a wide audience, it is no wonder that Last Week Tonight has become a social media phenomenon.

Overall, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has become a viral phenomenon and has earned its spot as one of the most successful shows of all time. It has become one of the most watched videos on YouTube

Reception & Impact

The HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has become one of the most popular shows on television, and its website – – provides viewers with an opportunity to relive classic episodes and clips. Since its launch in 2014, the show has had a tremendous reception from audiences, and has consistently earned high ratings throughout its run.

The show is renowned for its ability to educate its audience on complex topics, and many fans have credited the show for increasing their political knowledge. In fact, a recent survey revealed that viewers feel more knowledgeable about current events after watching Last Week Tonight than after reading the news.

Additionally, the show has had a positive effect in terms of inspiring its audiences to take action. Reports have indicated that many viewers have become more motivated to support movements or causes they care about after watching an episode, and the show has even been credited with driving its audience to participate in different forms of activism.

Last Week Tonight is an innovative and inspiring show with an impressive impact on its viewers. The show is a great example of the power of media to educate and motivate, and its website provides viewers with an opportunity to relive classic episodes and clips.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has provided an invaluable resource for learning about world issues and current events. It has allowed people to engage with topics that would otherwise be difficult to understand and has provided a platform for individuals to voice their opinions on issues that are important to them. Last Week Tonight has reminded us that knowledge is power and it is up to us to use our power to make positive changes in the world. Through its informative and entertaining videos, Last Week Tonight has inspired people to take action and make a difference in their communities. We should all be grateful for this remarkable opportunity to gain knowledge and express our opinions. Let’s use this platform to amplify our voices and make the world a better place.