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I have been a fan of Lady Gaga for many years now. Her music has always inspired me to be creative and to try different things. Recently, I have been exploring her YouTube channel and have found some amazing content. From her live performances to her music videos, the Lady Gaga YouTube channel has something for everyone. Here, I will be discussing the many features of Lady Gaga’s YouTube channel, as well as the reasons why it is worth exploring. Whether you are a fan of Lady Gaga or just curious to find out more, this article will give you an in-depth look at the Lady Gaga YouTube channel.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the most influential and successful artists of our time. Since she burst onto the music scene in 2008 with her hit single “Just Dance,” she has sold over 150 million records worldwide and become a cultural icon. Her influence extends beyond the world of music, however. Lady Gaga has become a leader in the fashion and beauty industries, regularly pushing boundaries and creating trends. She has also been an outspoken activist for LGBTQ rights and has used her platform to bring awareness to mental health issues, among other causes.

Lady Gaga’s official Youtube channel, “Lady Gaga VEVO,” has over 43 million subscribers and is home to some of her biggest music videos and performance clips. It has been viewed over 11.5 billion times since it was created in 2008, contributing to her unprecedented success. On the channel, fans can find exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes footage, live performances, interviews, and more.

The impact Lady Gaga has had on pop culture is undeniable. In 2019, she became the first woman to receive the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame’s prestigious Contemporary Icon Award. Her music has also been used for a variety of films, television shows, and commercials to great success. She has also received numerous awards and nominations from the MTV Video Music Awards, the Grammys, and the Golden Globe Awards.

Lady Gaga is a truly unique talent and her influence continues to grow with each new project. From her Youtube channel to her philanthropy, she is changing the game and

YouTube Music Career

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has enjoyed an illustrious career in music and performance art since the early 2000s. On YouTube, Gaga has been able to reach an even wider audience and share her unique takes on music, art and fashion. According to the official Lady Gaga YouTube channel, her videos have been watched over 3 billion times and her subscribers count has exceeded 34 million.

Gaga’s channel started in November 2006 and has since become a platform for her to post official music videos, live performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. With her videos, Gaga has set records for most-viewed YouTube Music Videos with over 1 billion views for the single “Bad Romance,” and the most-liked YouTube Music Video with over 6 million likes for the single “Poker Face”.

Gaga has also used YouTube to reach out to her fans directly, giving them exclusive information about upcoming tours and albums before they hit the market. In this way, she has been able to foster a close connection with her loyal followers and keep them engaged.

In addition to her music, Lady Gaga has also released several beauty products through her makeup and skincare line, Haus Laboratories. On her YouTube channel, Gaga has been able to promote the products by creating tutorials and reviews, using her platform to both entertain and educate.

Overall, Lady Gaga’s success on YouTube demonstrates the importance of the platform in helping artists share their craft and stay connected to their fans. And with her innovative approach to music and

Videos & Singles

Lady Gaga has risen to fame over the past decade as one of the most iconic performers of our time. Her YouTube page is a must visit for any of her fans or music lovers alike. With over 30 million subscribers, Lady Gaga is the most subscribed artist of all time on YouTube. Here, you can find all the latest music videos, singles, and live performances that the artist has released. From her hit song “Shallow” from A Star Is Born to her iconic Super Bowl performance, you can find it all on her YouTube page. Not only that, fans can also gain insights into her personal life through her exclusive video diaries. Her page is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest news from one of the world’s most beloved performers. Visit to check out Lady Gaga’s amazing videos and stay in the loop.

Concerts & Tours

Lady Gaga has been a pop culture phenomenon for over a decade, and her presence on YouTube is one of the reasons why. With over 60 million subscribers and her official channel boasting 20 billion views, Gaga has become one of the biggest musical acts on the platform. Along with her music videos, fans have been able to experience Lady Gaga’s live performances from the comfort of their own homes. Her concerts and tours have been some of the most visually stunning and unique shows of the modern era, and YouTube has served as an excellent platform to broadcast this to her millions of fans.

One of Lady Gaga’s most iconic tours, the ArtRave: The Artpop Ball, saw her perform over 160 dates across the globe, making it one of the highest-grossing tours ever. The tour was an extravaganza of outrageous costumes and theatrics, and fans have been able to relive the excitement on YouTube, watching highlights from the tour, including her performances in Paris and Austin.

The videos featuring Lady Gaga’s live performances have become some of her most-watched content on YouTube. According to data from YouTube, her performance of “Shallow” at the 2019 Academy Awards attracted over 40 million views, and her performance of “Always Remember Us This Way” at the 2019 Grammy Awards reached over 30 million views.

Lady Gaga’s official YouTube channel is also full of exclusive content from her tours and concerts, such as behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and even her performance of

Awards & Accolades

Lady Gaga is one of the most iconic and successful recording artists of our time. With her unique and boundary-pushing style, Lady Gaga has won numerous awards and accolades throughout her career. From Grammy awards to Billboard Music Awards to Golden Globes, and beyond, Lady Gaga has had an impressive list of accomplishments.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Lady Gaga is the first artist to have three singles reach the 10 million mark in sales. Her single, “Poker Face”, has been certified diamond, which denotes ten times platinum in sales. Her other singles, “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance”, have also earned quadruple platinum and triple platinum certifications respectively.

Lady Gaga has also proven to be incredibly popular on YouTube. Her official YouTube channel, LadyGagaVEVO, boasts over 50 million subscribers and over 25 billion views. Not only is she the most subscribed female artist on YouTube, but she is also the most viewed artist of all time.

In addition to awards from the music industry, Lady Gaga has also been honored with various awards from Human Rights Organizations and LGBT+ groups. For example, she was awarded the Advocate for Change Award from the Trevor Project in 2019, which is given to individuals who have made a profound impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ youth.

Lady Gaga continues to amaze with her music and advocacy. She is an artist who has achieved some fantastic milestones, and she continues to set new standards with every album and performance.

Collaborations & Features

Lady Gaga is one of the most iconic pop musicians in the music industry today. Her presence on YouTube is a testament to that. With over 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Lady Gaga has created a powerful platform to share her music, collaborations, and features with her fans.

Lady Gaga has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business, including Tony Bennett, Beyoncé, Mark Ronson, and Elton John. These collaborations have been successful not only in terms of reaching a wider audience but also in terms of garnering critical acclaim. Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Tony Bennett, for example, earned her a Grammy Award for ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’.

Lady Gaga also features frequently on other YouTube channels, including those of other musical artists, bloggers, and YouTubers. These features help her reach a wider audience and have contributed to the success of her music. For instance, the video for her song ‘Born This Way’ has over 1.3 billion views on the official Lady Gaga YouTube channel, and over 4 million views on the official Katy Perry YouTube channel.

Lady Gaga is one of the most successful artists when it comes to leveraging the power of YouTube for collaboration and promotion. With her 8 million subscribers on YouTube, she has the opportunity to collaborate with numerous other artists and share her music with fans all over the world. It is this ability to leverage YouTube that makes Lady Gaga one of the most successful pop musicians of today.

Legacy & Impact

Lady Gaga has been a force of nature in the music industry since her debut album in 2008. Her unique style and persona have gained her a strong following of Little Monsters and made a lasting impact on the music industry. Lady Gaga’s official YouTube channel has over 50 million subscribers as of May 2020 and over 9 billion views, showing the sheer magnitude of her legacy and influence. Her music videos, live performances, and interviews have been a source of inspiration for countless people around the world. Lady Gaga has been the recipient of numerous accolades and awards throughout her career, including multiple Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards. Her legacy continues to live on to this day, with her music resonating with people of all ages and backgrounds. Clearly, Lady Gaga’s influence on the music industry is undeniable.


Lady Gaga is an incredible artist and YouTube provides an excellent platform for her to share her work, creativity, and inspiration with the world. From her iconic music videos to her inspiring interviews, Lady Gaga has used her YouTube channel to reach millions of people and spread her message of love, acceptance, and resilience. I encourage everyone to explore Lady Gaga’s channel and see for themselves the powerful and inspiring art she creates. Moreover, her channel serves as an important reminder to never give up in the face of adversity and to always strive for greatness. So don’t forget to check out Lady Gaga on YouTube to be inspired and motivated—you won’t be disappointed!