Janine Lindemulder

Janine Lindemulder is one of the most iconic adult film stars of all time. Having been in the industry since the mid-90s, she has achieved a level of success that is rarely seen in her profession. Her work has been featured in some of the biggest adult films of the time, giving her a reputation as an industry leader. She has also made a name for herself outside of the adult entertainment industry, with appearances in popular music videos and television shows. With a career spanning more than two decades, Janine Lindemulder has become a household name among fans of adult entertainment. In this article, we will take a look at her life and career, as well as some of the controversies that have surrounded her

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Janine Lindemulder

Janine Lindemulder is an iconic adult film star. She began her career in the early 1990s and has since been featured in over 150 adult films. She is known for her fiery red hair and her signature tattoos. She has been credited for successfully bridging the gap between adult film and mainstream media.

Janine Lindemulder has become a household name in the adult film industry, appearing in the films of major studios such as Vivid, Evil Angel, Wicked Pictures and Digital Playground. In addition to her adult film career, she has also appeared on film and television, including the movie “Intermedio” and the reality television series “The Surreal Life.”

Her career took a turn in the mid 2000s when she was arrested for tax evasion. After spending time in prison, she made a comeback in the adult film industry in 2010. Janine has also become active in the music industry, producing her own albums and performing alongside popular bands such as The Offspring and Korn.

In her personal life, Janine Lindemulder is a mother of two and is engaged to her long-time partner, Jesse James. She has been outspoken about her struggles with addiction, and has recently become a vocal advocate for drug awareness.

Janine Lindemulder’s career has been a source of inspiration for many, and her legacy lives on. She is a shining example of resilience and perseverance, and continues to be an icon in the adult film industry.

Early Life

Janine Marie Lindemulder, more commonly known as Janine, was born on November 14, 1968 in La Mirada, California. She was raised in a strict religious household and her father was a pastor. At the age of 15, she left home to pursue a career in modeling. She quickly became a popular face in the adult entertainment industry, appearing in dozens of films and photoshoots.

Janine’s popularity reached its peak in the mid-90s when she became an iconic figure in the adult industry. She was crowned Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1990 and was named one of the most powerful women in porn by the Los Angeles Times in 1994. She also co-authored the book How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale (2004) which chronicles her journey in the adult entertainment industry.

Janine has also been featured in numerous music videos, including Blink-182’s “What’s My Age Again” and Aerosmith’s “Jaded”. She appeared in the film, Private Parts (1997), starring Howard Stern, and the comedy film, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002). As her popularity skyrocketed, Janine became a sought-after speaker, making appearances at universities, colleges, and other venues to discuss sexual health and the adult industry.

Janine has been praised for her openness and candor in discussing her experiences as a porn star, and has become an advocate for sex workers’ rights. She has been a guest lecturer at the University

Career Beginnings

Janine Lindemulder is an iconic adult film star and exotic dancer who has been in the business for decades. She began her career in the mid-90s as a dancer in a strip club and went on to star in her first adult film in 1996. Her success in the industry only continued to build as she starred in numerous films, magazines, and other media. Her work in adult entertainment has helped her become a household name in the industry.

According to AVN, Lindemulder has starred in over 500 adult films and won two prestigious AVN Awards for her roles in the films ‘Sodomania 23’ and ‘Vivid Girls: Janine.’ Her success has also seen her appear on various TV shows, such as Howard Stern, as well as feature in publications like Penthouse.

In recent years, Lindemulder has diversified her career by moving into the world of music. She has released several country music albums, including ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘The Best of Janine Lindemulder.’ Her albums have seen her collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Collin Raye and Kid Rock.

Aside from her work in the entertainment and music industries, Lindemulder has also become an activist for LGBTQ rights and animal rights. She is a passionate advocate for the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and has used her platform to help raise awareness about animal rights issues.

Overall, Janine Lindem

Mainstream Success

Janine Lindemulder is a popular adult film actress who rose to mainstream success in the early 2000s. She is known for her iconic roles in films such as “Pirates”, “Vampirella”, and “Busty Cops Go Hawaiian”. Since her rise to mainstream success, Lindemulder has been featured in numerous magazines, music videos, and television shows.

In addition to her acting career, Janine Lindemulder is also an accomplished model. She has appeared in numerous magazines, including Playboy, Maxim, and Hustler. She is also a successful entrepreneur, having created and operated her own website, as well as appearing in countless adult videos.

Apart from her film roles, Janine Lindemulder has also made appearances in a variety of other projects. She has been featured in music videos by popular artists such as Blink-182, Marilyn Manson, and Katy Perry. She has also appeared as a guest on television shows such as “The Jerry Springer Show” and “The Howard Stern Show”.

Janine Lindemulder is a household name in the adult film industry. She has been credited as making adult films more socially acceptable and mainstream. Her longstanding success in the world of adult film has made her an icon of the industry. As of 2021, she has over 1.3 million followers on various social media platforms.

Janine Lindemulder is a testament to the success that adult film stars can achieve. She has been able to use her mainstream

Personal Life

Janine Lindemulder is a former adult film star and exotic dancer who has also appeared in mainstream films such as “The Devil’s Rejects”. She has had a tumultuous personal life, having been arrested several times and having a contentious public relationship with her ex-husband, Jesse James.

Lindemulder has been arrested numerous times throughout her life, for charges ranging from assault to drug and weapons possession. She has also gone through numerous drug rehabilitation programs over the years. In 2009, she was arrested for tax evasion and sentenced to six months in federal prison.

Lindemulder is well-known for her controversial and high-profile relationship with ex-husband Jesse James, whom she divorced in 2004. The couple had a brief reconciliation in 2009, but ultimately ended things permanently in 2010. Lindemulder has publicly accused James of abuse and physical threats during their relationship.

In addition to her film and dance career, Lindemulder has also been involved in a number of charitable causes, including working as an advocate for victims of domestic abuse. She also founded a non-profit organization called the Janine Lindemulder Foundation.

Since her divorce from James, Lindemulder has remarried and is now a mother of two children. She is currently focusing on her acting and dancing career, as well as her philanthropic endeavors. Her story has been featured in numerous publications, including People Magazine and The New York Times.


Janine Lindemulder is a former adult film star and exotic dancer who has been involved in numerous controversies over the years. She first gained notoriety in 2004 when she was arrested for assaulting her then-husband, Jesse James, and later for failing to pay taxes. In 2014, Lindemulder faced further public scrutiny after a messy custody battle with James over the couple’s daughter, Sunny. Lindemulder’s public disputes have been documented in numerous articles, including in People Magazine and TMZ.

In addition to her legal troubles, Lindemulder has also been involved with a number of high-profile relationships. She was married to the well-known actor/producer Vince Neil of Motley Crue, and has been linked to porn star Voodoo, as well as Baywatch actor David Charvet. Lindemulder was also at the center of an infamous love triangle involving her ex-husband, Jesse James, and his ex-wife, Sandra Bullock.

Despite her controversies, Lindemulder has made an impact on the adult film industry. She is widely credited with helping to popularize the genre of “girl/girl” and “double girl” films, which feature two women engaging in sexual activities with each other. Additionally, Lindemulder has appeared in more than 60 adult films, earning her a place in the Adult Film Database Hall of Fame in 2013.

While many of Lindemulder’s personal relationships have been tumultuous, her impact on the


Janine Lindemulder has left a lasting legacy in the world of adult entertainment. She began her career in the late 1980s, taking part in photoshoots, videos, and movies. Building a huge fan base, she was known for her stunning beauty and her signature tattoos.

Her career in the industry saw her taking part in multiple award-winning films, such as the AVN Award-winning movie, Holy Matrimony. She also posed for several magazines, including Hustler and Penthouse where she achieved the coveted title of Penthouse Pet of the Month in 2002.

Throughout the years, Janine’s influence in the adult entertainment industry has continued to grow. She was featured in several music videos such as Blink 182’s ‘What’s My Age Again?’ and the Insane Clown Posse’s ‘Halls of Illusions’. Her work has been credited with helping to bring the adult entertainment industry into the mainstream.

Janine Lindemulder has become a cult figure in the world of adult entertainment, inspiring many people to pursue their dreams. Her legacy lives on through her film work, magazine covers, and music videos. According to the Adult Film Database (AFDB), Janine has over 95 film credits to her name.

Janine Lindemulder’s legacy is one of hard work and ambition. Her journey has inspired many and continues to be celebrated by her fans across the world.


Janine Lindemulder has been a powerful presence in the adult entertainment industry for many years. She has shown that despite challenges and hardships, she is a strong woman who is capable of achieving success. Her courage, determination, and tenacity have inspired millions of people around the world to follow their dreams and never give up. Janine Lindemulder is an example of what can be accomplished when obstacles are faced head-on and dreams are chased relentlessly. Her story is one of pure determination and an unwavering commitment to the things she believes in. As Janine herself has said, “No matter the obstacles, never give up. Keep going and never let anyone stop you.” Let’s take Janine’s words of wisdom to heart and never give up on our dreams.

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