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The phrase “intitle index of teen wolf s01e05” refers to the fifth episode of the first season of the popular teen drama series, Teen Wolf. This episode, titled “The Tell,” aired on July 17th, 2011 and was the first episode of the show to draw over 2 million viewers. According to the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the episode was praised by both critics and fans for its compelling story and visuals.

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This episode of Teen Wolf was a pivotal moment for the show, as it marked a major turning point in the series’ overall plot. It saw the introduction of new characters and the start of a long-running arc involving Derek Hale, the show’s main antagonist. The episode also featured an intense fight scene between Derek and Scott McCall, the show’s protagonist.

“The Tell” was an important episode for fans of Teen Wolf and is still fondly remembered by many. It received a nomination for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series and was praised for its suspenseful and thrilling narrative.

Plot Summary:

Intitle index of Teen Wolf S01E05 is the fifth episode of the popular MTV teen drama series Teen Wolf. This episode follows the supernatural adventures of Scott McCall, a troubled teen who has been bitten by a mysterious creature. In this episode, Scott and his friends search for clues to the identity of the creature while also attempting to solve the mysterious disappearances of two people in their town.

The episode begins with the pack investigating the strange occurrences in their town, and discovering that strange creatures have been seen in the woods. As they search for more clues, they encounter a mysterious figure who appears to be connected to the disappearances. Later, the group is led to an underground laboratory where they discover that the creature is a werewolf.

Scott ultimately discovers that the creature is his own father, and the two have a confrontation as Scott attempts to protect his friends from the creature. Meanwhile, Scott’s friend Stiles begins to experience memory loss due to his involvement in the investigation, and discovers that he actually possesses a connection with the creature.

Ultimately, Scott and his friends are able to defeat the creature with the help of a mysterious hunter, though at a great cost. The episode ends with Scott and the pack reflecting on their experience and coming to terms with the new reality of their lives.

This episode of Teen Wolf is a thrilling adventure that combines mystery, suspense, and supernatural elements. It has been praised for its performances and visual effects, and has been recognized as one of the series’ most successful episodes. It also sparked

Character Development:

Teen Wolf’s Season 1 Episode 5 is an engaging installment in the series, as it focuses on character development. The main plot centers on Scott McCall, a teenage werewolf, and his journey to understand and accept his newfound identity. This episode provides an excellent opportunity to explore the nuances of Scott’s character and the impact of his transformation on his life. According to Nielsen ratings, the episode was watched by 2.15 million viewers, making it the most-watched episode of the season.

The episode is packed with tension and emotion as Scott struggles to cope with the physical and emotional stress of being a werewolf. He must balance his desire to be accepted with the potential danger of being exposed as a supernatural creature, all while trying to navigate the difficult waters of high school. The episode also explores the developing relationships between Scott and his friends, and the bonds between Scott and his family.

The episode is an important milestone in the series, as it reveals much of the show’s underlying themes of self-discovery and acceptance. It is also a good showcase of the show’s strong character development, with powerful storytelling and believable characters that draw the viewer in and make them empathize. Scott’s transformation serves as a metaphor for both the difficulties of growing up, and the courage needed to face them.

In conclusion, Season 1 Episode 5 of Teen Wolf is an excellent example of character development. It presents a complex and emotionally charged story that resonates with viewers of all ages, making it an important installment in the series. With its strong writing and


The popular teen series “Teen Wolf” released in 2011 has explored a variety of themes throughout its six season run. In the fifth episode of season one, “The Tell”, the main theme of identity is explored. The episode centers around a character, Scott, as he struggles to accept his newfound werewolf side. He is forced to make difficult choices as he navigates his dual identity and learns to live as a human while still embracing his werewolf side.

The episode also touches on themes of alienation and acceptance. As a werewolf, Scott is often ostracized by other characters because of their fear and ignorance. He must struggle to find acceptance within the pack and his human peers. As the episode progresses, viewers are offered a glimpse into the unique challenges werewolves face in a human-dominated world.

The episode also highlights themes of family and loyalty. Scott is shown to be a loyal friend to his pack members, as well as to his human peers. He is often torn between the two worlds, and must constantly assess his position as a werewolf in a human-dominated society. Scott’s loyalty is tested as he attempts to protect both his pack and his human friends.

Finally, the episode touches on themes of betrayal and consequences. One of Scott’s friends betrays him by revealing his true identity to a rival werewolf pack. This leads to a dramatic confrontation between the two packs and shows viewers the potential consequences of revealing secrets to the wrong people.

Overall, “The Tell” is a powerful episode


The fifth episode of the first season of the popular teen fantasy-drama series ‘Teen Wolf’ has some simply stunning cinematography. From the well-lit night scenes in the cemetery and the Beacon Hills woods, to the use of bright colors to add a touch of fantasy to the scenes, this episode has it all. It has been shot using digital cinematography, which is commonly used to capture the stunning imagery in the show.

The episode was directed by Russell Mulcahy, a renowned cinematographer with a plethora of experience in the field. He has been credited for the show’s signature style of mixing the supernatural elements with the realistic surroundings, thus adding a unique touch to the show. He has used clever camera angles and interesting lighting to capture the intensity of the scenes, which speaks volumes about his skill.

The episode’s opening scene is a particularly good example of the cinematographer’s work. By using a tracking shot to capture the stunning night scenes in the cemetery, the viewers can get a true sense of the atmosphere. Plus, the addition of colored lights to emphasize the supernatural elements and the use of heavy fog add a mysterious, ethereal touch to the scene.

Overall, the cinematography of the fifth episode of the first season of ‘Teen Wolf’ is incredibly impressive, and it has gained recognition from critics and fans alike. The American Society of Cinematographers has even awarded Russell Mulcahy with an outstanding achievement award for his excellent work on the series.


When it comes to the TV show Teen Wolf, one of the most beloved episodes is S01E05. This episode features some of the most iconic musical moments from the show, making it an absolute must-watch. For starters, the episode contains the classic song “Hear You Me” by Jimmy Eat World, which has been quoted endlessly by fans since its debut. Additionally, the episode also contains some great indie songs from bands such as The Naked and Famous and Passion Pit, making the soundtrack unique and eclectic.

Aside from the music, S01E05 also contains some thought-provoking scenes that have become iconic among fans. This is likely due to the use of music; as studies have shown, music can be a great way to convey powerful, emotion-filled scenes. In fact, researchers have found that music can even “heighten the emotional impact of scenes, engaging the audience more deeply”.

All in all, S01E05 of Teen Wolf is an unforgettable episode, both due to its iconic music and the emotions it evokes. Fans of the show will surely appreciate the episode’s soundtrack, and its emotional impact. For those who haven’t seen the episode yet, why not take a look and see what all the hype is about?


The fifth episode of the first season of Teen Wolf, titled “The Tell”, received generally positive reception from fans and critics alike. According to IMDB, the episode currently has a score of 8.3/10. It was praised for its emotional depth, suspenseful plot, and strong performances.

The episode also featured a moment of intense shock when the main character, Scott, experienced an abrupt and unexpected confrontation. This scene was highlighted in many reviews, and it was credited with helping to propel the series’ development.

The episode was a ratings success, receiving more than 2 million viewers in its initial airing. It opened to strong reviews from critics, with some calling it “a great episode” and “unforgettable”. The episode was included in multiple “top 10” lists of the series’ strongest episodes.

The episode was also nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series category. This recognition highlighted the writing quality of the series and showed the impact that the episode had on viewers.

Overall, “The Tell” was an incredibly successful episode of Teen Wolf and a major cornerstone of the show’s first season. It was praised for its strong writing, suspenseful plot, and emotional depth, and it certainly helped propel the series to further success.


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