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Far from the Tree

Far from the Tree is a powerful documentary film directed by Rachel Dretzin and based on Andrew Solomon’s award-winning book of the same name. It follows the stories of families with children who are facing challenges such as dwarfism, autism, Down syndrome, and transgender identity. The documentary sheds light on the struggles and triumphs of these families, highlighting the power of unconditional love and acceptance.

Far from the Tree has been praised by a wide range of critics and viewers alike, including Rotten Tomatoes who have given the film a score of 96%. The documentary has also won awards at various film festivals, including the Audience Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Since its release in 2018, Far from the Tree has become a popular resource for families living with disabilities. The film has been featured in several educational organizations, including the Autism Society and the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and has been used as a teaching tool in college classrooms.

The 2021 release of Far from the Tree on DVD and Blu-ray includes audio commentary by director Rachel Dretzin, deleted scenes, and a feature-length cast and crew interview. It is also available to watch on digital streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

Far from the Tree is an inspiring and thought-provoking documentary that will change how you look at disability and family. It is a must-see for everyone and can be accessed by searching the web for “intitle index of Far from the Tree 2021″.

Plot Summary

Far From the Tree is an upcoming 2021 documentary based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same title. It explores the stories of families where parents and children have completely different identities, such as those with a transgender child, a criminal child, and a child with a disability. Through intimate portraits of real families, the film seeks to shed light on the diversity and beauty of family dynamics.

The documentary follows a family from New York City, a family from San Francisco, and a rural family from Alabama as they navigate the joys and challenges of raising a child who is different from them. The film dives deep into the complexities of family life, exploring the love and acceptance of finding a place for everyone in a family.

Far From the Tree has been praised for its authentic and heartfelt portrayal of diverse family dynamics. The film won several awards at its premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, including the Founders Award for Best Documentary. It was also nominated for a 2018 Emmy Award for Outstanding Social Issue Documentary.

The film has been praised by both critics and viewers alike for its raw honesty and uplifting stories. Far From the Tree uniquely captures the beauty and reality of family life, and it is sure to be an inspiring and unforgettable watch. This film is set to be released on June 25th, 2021 and you can expect to find it streaming on a variety of platforms.

Far From the Tree is sure to be an insightful and touching watch. It is a must-see documentary that celebrates the complexity and beauty of family


Far from the Tree, a 2021 drama, stars JoBlo Xanadu, Christopher Plummer, and Eddie Redmayne. It follows a family with three adult children, each with their own unique set of challenges. JoBlo plays the father, struggling to come to terms with his children’s differences. Christopher Plummer’s character is the grandfather who tries to bridge the gap between the three siblings. Eddie Redmayne is the youngest child, a young autistic man who faces discrimination and feelings of loneliness.

The movie takes a deep dive into the lives of the family, exploring themes of acceptance and identity. It has been praised for its realistic and honest depiction of issues faced by families and individuals with disabilities. Research from the Ruderman Family Foundation has found that disabled people are twice more likely to face discrimination and bullying than those without disabilities. Far from the Tree offers an important perspective on living with disabilities and how the effects ripple through the family.

This film has been acclaimed for its performances, direction, and writing. JoBlo and Plummer have both been nominated for Golden Globes for their respective roles. The film has received high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and has been praised for its ability to bring a human story to the big screen.

Far from the Tree offers a heartfelt and moving story about family, acceptance, and strength in the face of adversity. It is a must-watch for anyone looking to better understand the experiences of those living with disabilities and the families who love them. It is a lesson in empathy and a reminder


“Far From the Tree” is an inspiring and thought-provoking documentary focused on the strength and beauty of family bonds. It tells the stories of several parents and their children who are facing unique challenges, such as Down Syndrome, Autism, and Prostitution. The documentary highlights the importance of unconditional love, acceptance and understanding of differences.

The theme of “Far From the Tree” is to recognize that all families are different and have unique stories to tell. It encourages viewers to appreciate the diversity of family and to help those in need. Through the stories of the individuals, viewers can learn how to better respect and accept those who are different from them.

This documentary is based on the 2012 book by Andrew Solomon, “Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity”. It has been praised by many, including The New York Times for its concept and execution. According to the National Council on Disability, the documentary provides “a powerful and compassionate look at families and individuals with disabilities.”

The “Far From the Tree” documentary has been a great success, winning awards at multiple festivals and currently holds a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It serves as a reminder about the importance of solidarity and the power of human connection. This inspiring film can help viewers reflect on the beauty of family and the need to be more accepting of those who may be different from us.

This documentary is available on various streaming services and is a great way to learn about the beauty of diversity. It is an important


Far From the Tree, released in 2021, is a film that stands out for its stunning cinematography. The movie follows a family’s struggles to stay connected and understand each other as their lives journey in different directions. Cinematographer, Vanja Černjul, is to thank for the stunning visuals on screen. His use of color and light to symbolize the characters’ emotions propels the story.

The film was largely shot with the ARRI Alexa Mini and ALEXA XT cameras. Using these cameras, Černjul was able to create an environment of intimacy so that the audience could easily connect with the characters. He also makes use of Steadicam shots to further emphasize the feelings of the characters.

One of the most impressive scenes of the film is when father and daughter, Bradley and Maya, have a discussion in a diner. Černjul used a combination of camera movements, lighting, and framing to create an atmosphere of conflict and tension. In addition to creating an intimate view of the characters, he was also able to capture the vastness of the diner.

The film’s cinematography not only emphasizes the characters’ emotions but also the theme of the film. Throughout the movie, Černjul is able to successfully portray the movie’s goal of showing the importance of family. His use of natural lighting and slow camera movements enhance the overall story.

Overall, Far From the Tree’s stunning cinematography is not to be missed. With


The 2021 film Far From the Tree is an inspiring story of acceptance and understanding, and its accompanying soundtrack provides the perfect accompaniment for the poignant story. With its mix of melancholic melodies, powerful instrumentals and upbeat tracks, the soundtrack is sure to captivate listeners.

The score was composed by Academy Award-winning composer Justin Hurwitz, who worked closely with the film’s director to ensure the soundtrack complemented the movie’s narrative. Hurwitz’s piece ‘Love Is Everywhere’, the main theme of the film, was recently nominated for an Academy Award.

The soundtrack also includes a variety of original songs written and performed by a number of acclaimed artists. These include a stunning cover of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ by singer-songwriter William Fitzsimmons, and a powerful version of ‘Fever’ by R&B artist SZA.

The release of the Far From the Tree soundtrack has been met with critical acclaim, with critics describing it as “a beautiful and affecting collection of music”. It is well worth a listen for fans of the film, or those looking for an emotional and meaningful soundtrack.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Far From the Tree soundtrack, you can do so through various streaming services, such as Apple Music or Spotify. So, if you’re looking for a powerful and emotionally charged soundtrack, Far From the Tree is definitely the one for you.

Summary and Reflection

Far From the Tree, written and directed by Rachel Dretzin, is an emotionally compelling documentary about the lives of families who have members who are far from the traditional notion of “normal”. By exploring the diverse experiences of parents and children with a variety of “unconventional” identities, the film is able to create a greater appreciation for the range of uniqueness and individuality present in our world today. It serves as an important reminder of the power of acceptance and love within a family.

An estimated one in seven children in the United States is classified as “exceptional” in some way. This can include children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, those who are transgender, and those who have been incarcerated. Far From the Tree explores the issues that arise when parents find themselves having to adjust to and accept a child that is far from the “norm” they were expecting. Through the stories of real families, the film delicately captures the personal challenges that each of them face, the strength of their bonds, and the power of unconditional love.

The film also offers valuable advice and resources to parents and caregivers of individuals who are “different”. Far From the Tree has received numerous accolades including the Audience Award at the 2018 San Francisco International Film Festival, a Critics’ Choice Documentary Award for Best Documentary Feature, and a nomination for a Grand Jury Prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

The film does an excellent job of highlighting the importance of respect, acceptance, and inclusion, and presents a powerful message of


“Far from the Tree” is a powerful and moving film that captures the beauty and complexity of family dynamics. It is a story of acceptance, understanding, and unconditional love that serves as a reminder that no matter our differences, we are stronger together. The film offers an important perspective of the world we live in and is sure to leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for the power of family. I highly recommend that everyone watch “Far from the Tree” and come away with a renewed sense of understanding and compassion for those who are different from us. We can all learn something from this film and its powerful message that differences can bring us together. Go watch “Far from the Tree” today and see how it can open your eyes to a new way of looking at the world.