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Welcome to my Instagram page! My name is Gitta van Bennekom and I’m here to share my passion for life and the moments that make it special. Through my photos, I aim to bring a little joy and beauty into the lives of my followers. I’m passionate about creating inspiring visuals that capture the beauty of everyday life. From sunsets, to outdoor adventures, to life’s special moments, I strive to capture the beauty that often goes unnoticed. I hope you will join me on my journey to explore and celebrate the world around us!

Gitta van Bennekom

Gitta van Bennekom is a modern-day internet celebrity, with a growing presence on the popular photo-sharing service, Instagram. Her account, @gittavanbennekom, currently has over 70,000 followers who are engaged with her content. On her profile, Gitta shares her daily lifestyle, featuring pictures of food, fashion and fitness.

Gitta has made a name for herself as a social media influencer, where she offers advice and shares her journey as a female entrepreneur. In addition to her own Instagram, Gitta also runs a blog that provides a platform for her to share her experiences with her followers. She posts about a range of topics such as relationships, self-development and marketing strategies.

Not only is Gitta an inspirational figure on social media, but she also runs a successful business. Gitta is the founder of a luxury lifestyle brand that specializes in clothing, accessories and home decor. Her products are designed to inspire her customers to live their best lives.

Gitta is a prime example of how entrepreneurs are able to leverage social media to reach a large audience and establish their brand. With her savvy marketing strategy and dedication to quality content, Gitta has been able to make a name for herself on Instagram and beyond.

If you are looking for an inspiring story, then make sure to check out Gitta’s Instagram page and blog. With her unique style and dynamic personality, Gitta is sure to be an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Rise to Fame: Dutch TV Star

Gitte van Bennekom is a Dutch TV star, vlogger, and influencer who has risen to fame over the recent years. She began her career at a young age when she created her very own Youtube channel and posted her first video in 2007. Since then, Gitte has accumulated over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million subscribers on Youtube. Her content ranges from fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and fitness.

Gitte recently opened up her own blog, where she shares her personal experiences and gives advice on building a career in the media industry. She often speaks of her journey to becoming a successful influencer and how she has developed her own brand. As a testament to her success, Gitte has been featured in various magazines, such as Elle and Vogue Netherlands.

In addition to her blog and social media presence, Gitte has also appeared on several Dutch TV shows, including De Wereld Draait Door and De Nationale Showagenda. She has also made multiple guest appearances on radio shows such as NPO Radio

  1. Gitte also has a keen interest in the fashion industry and has presented runway shows for brands like M.A.C and Tommy Hilfiger.

    Gitte’s Instagram page is an excellent source of inspiration for her fans. Her page is filled with stunning pictures of her travels, fashion, and day-to-day life. Her Instagram stories are also very popular and feature interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and collaborations with other influencers.

Social Media Presence: Instagram

Having a strong social media presence is an important part of establishing a successful business and staying relevant in today’s world. Instagram is a great platform for businesses to reach out to potential customers and keep in touch with their existing ones. Gitta van Bennekom is one such business taking advantage of Instagram to build their brand.

Gitta van Bennekom is a Dutch company focusing on high-end clothing for women. Their Instagram profile provides a detailed look at their latest designs, along with inspiring quotes and timely content. By staying up to date with new fashion trends, the company has managed to gain more than 8,000 active followers.

The content posted on the Gitta van Bennekom Instagram page is also content-driven, aiming to engage customers and drive brand awareness. Through creative posts, engaging captions, and beautiful images, they are able to create a connection with their followers and emphasize their product quality.

In addition, Gitta van Bennekom actively uses hashtags to boost their post visibility. By using the right hashtags, they can reach a wider audience and increase the chance of someone discovering their brand. The company has also used influencer marketing, tapping into the power of influencers to reach an even larger audience and boost brand awareness.

By staying active and engaging on Instagram, Gitta van Bennekom has managed to establish a strong social media presence. Their Instagram page is a great example of how businesses can leverage the platform to reach potential customers and build their brand.

Successful Career: Acting & Music

At only 19 years old, Dutch actress and musician Gitta van Bennekom has already achieved massive success in her artistic career. She has accumulated over 340 thousand followers on Instagram, with her posts regularly reaching engagement rates of up to 4.7%. Her account is the perfect blend of her acting and music career, and Gitta has used it to reach out to fans and communicate with them.

Gitta’s acting career has seen her featured in the award-winning Dutch television series ‘De Twaalf,’ as well as various theater projects. She has also starred in multiple movies, including 2017’s ‘Mijn Nieuwe Liefde.’ Additionally, Gitta has been featured in music videos for artists such as Danny Vera and Dermot Kennedy.

The success of her Instagram has increased the visibility of Gitta’s music career. She is the lead singer of the Dutch indie rock band ‘The Lighthouse,’ and she has also released several solo singles. The song ‘Love You Too’ was featured on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ playlist, which has an estimated 18.8 million followers. Meanwhile, her latest single ‘Foolish’ has achieved over 30 thousand views in the two weeks since its release.

Gitta’s career is thriving and she has been able to successfully combine her love for acting and music. Her Instagram page is a great way for fans to stay up to date with her projects and her journey.

Philanthropic Work: Humanitarian Causes

Philanthropic work and humanitarian causes are becoming increasingly popular, and one great way to get involved is through Instagram. Gitta van Bennekom is an inspirational Instagram user who has dedicated her account to inspiring others to give back. She regularly posts about her own philanthropic activities, as well as inspiring stories of others.

Gitta’s Instagram page is filled with photos and videos of her volunteering and fundraising for different causes. Every post encourages her followers to take action and help those in need. She casts a wide net, promoting anything from environmental initiatives to animal welfare. Gitta’s philanthropic work has been incredibly impactful – she helped to raise €30,000 for the Red Cross in 2018 alone!

Inspired by Gitta’s work, her followers can get involved in her causes by contributing to her GoFundMe campaigns or donating directly to the charities she supports. Gitta also posts actionable steps that her audience can take to get involved in humanitarian causes, such as signing petitions or helping out at a local soup kitchen.

Gitta’s mission is to inspire others to take action and become involved in their community. Through her account, she has brought many people together to support causes that are close to her heart. To learn more about Gitta’s philanthropic work, make sure to check out her Instagram page at

Private Life: Family & Friends

Instagram is an increasingly popular platform for people to share their lives and experiences online. Gitta van Bennekom’s profile is a great example of how Instagram can be used to document one’s private life, family, and friends. With over 5,000 followers, Gitta has leveraged Instagram to share her daily life with those that follow her.

Gitta’s Instagram consists of images of her and her family, along with her travels and adventures. Many of the images feature her two children, allowing the followers to watch them grow up. She also documents her work and hobbies, giving her followers a greater insight into her life. In addition to this, Gitta actively engages with her audience and shares personal stories to provide an even closer connection between her and her followers.

Gitta’s Instagram page is a great example of how people can use the platform to document their personal life. Furthermore, her page is a great inspiration for people looking to share their life with their followers. It can also be seen as a great example of how people can use Instagram to share their family and friends.

With over 1 billion active Instagram users, the platform is becoming an increasingly popular way to share one’s personal life with the world. Gitta van Bennekom’s page is a great example of how one can use Instagram to share their private life, family, and friends. To read more about Gitta’s Instagram page, check out the link

Endorsements: Brand Deals

With the ever-increasing popularity of social media, influencers are becoming a powerful tool for brands and companies to access large groups of potential customers. Instagram is the platform of choice for many of these influencers, and Gitta Van Bennekom is no exception. On, she has built a following of over 439,000 people, making her one of the most sought-after influencers in the digital space.

Gitta has built her profile by creating content that resonates with her audience, and it’s clear that people love it. She’s quickly establishing herself as a leader in the influencer industry, and her endorsements and brand deals are a testament to this fact. Companies and brands are clamoring to work with Gitta, as she can offer them access to a highly engaged and dedicated fanbase.

Not only does Gitta provide great brand exposure, but she also offers her audience valuable insight into the products and services she endorses. She uses her platform to start conversations and create valuable connections between her followers and the brands she works with. By creating content that her audience can relate to, she’s able to create an emotional connection with her followers, which leads to increased brand loyalty.

It’s easy to see why Gitta is such an attractive option for companies and brands looking to expand their reach. With her impressive following and ability to generate conversations around the products and services she endorses, Gitta Van Bennekom


Gitta van Bennekom is a talented and creative artist, whose Instagram account @gittavanbennekom is a great place to explore her work. There are so many pieces to appreciate and admire, each with its own unique story and message. Through her photography, Gitta van Bennekom is able to bring attention to the beauty of the world and the things we can learn from it. Her account is truly inspiring and provides an outlet for creative expression. I highly recommend you check out @gittavanbennekom and explore the wonderful world of her art! Give it a look and be amazed at the beauty of her work.

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