Higekiri Anime Where To Watch


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higekiri anime where to watch

Are there more anime like higehiro?

Thankfully, there are more shows like Higehiro than viewers might have anticipated. Here's a collection of five more anime like Higehiro so that fans get something to chew on while they wait for more Higehiro.

What’s so special about higehiro?

Even something as mundane as the everyday life of a yuppie or a high school girl isn't prone to social issues and that's what Higehiro deals with. The newcomer anime dabbles in topics like poverty, prostitution, and pedophilia along with the usual 21st-century adult diet of depression, anxiety, and failed relationships.

How do you pray in higehiro?

I pray that you will find peace in your heart, I pray that you will overcome all your demons, I pray that one day you will say “I’m happy””. Higehiro is not a romantic comedy, it is an anime that seeks to tell a story, a story about despair, about home and most importantly about need.

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