Hand Casting Kit Walmart


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hand casting kit walmart

How do you use a hand casting kit?

Hand casting kits are super easy to use at home. You simply whip up a paste using alginate powder and water, stick in a hand or more, and hold the position for a couple of minutes. The next step is to wiggle out the hands, pour plaster into the mold, wait for it to dry, de-mold, and voila!

What is the best hand mold casting kit?

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit Luna Bean is a U.S brand and a name to reckon with when it comes to the best hand casting kits. The large kit is one among its high flying series of hand mold casting kits. What makes it such a best seller?

Why a perfect frame to preserve our hand casting?

A perfect frame to preserve our hand casting and it totally meets our needs. The frame looking simple but very well finished and made with strong material . Suitable for a couple hand casting and keep for a log time and also it's lovely decoration item at home.

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