.hack Anime Order


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.hack anime order

What is the Order of the hack anime series?

Anime 1 .hack//Roots is an anime series released under the .hack Conglomerate project. ... 2 .hack//G.U. ... 3 .hack//G.U. ... 4 .hack//Quantum, a three part OVA series from Kinema Citrus and the first in the anime series of .hack to be licensed by Funimation. 5 .hack//The Movie, a CGI movie, announced on August 23, 2011. ... More items...

What kind of anime is hack//Roots?

Anime .hack//Roots is an anime series released under the .hack Conglomerate project. It follows Haseo and his joining (and subsequent exploits with) the Twilight Brigade guild. .hack//G.U. Trilogy, a CGI video adaptation of the .hack//G.U. .hack//G.U.

What is the best order to watch the hack franchise?

Suggested viewing order for the .Hack franchise (anime side!). While most can be watched independently from one another, there is an overall timeline in which the .Hack anime, manga, and video games fit together in. I will reference the manga and link to them. There are basic arcs to keep in mind: SIGN, ROOTS, QUANTUM, and Beyond the World.

How many episodes are in hack and sign anime?

.hack//Sign is an anime television series directed by Kōichi Mashimo and produced by studio Bee Train and Bandai Visual. .hack//Sign consists of twenty six original episodes and three additional bonus episodes released on DVD as original video animations (OVAs).

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