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What will happen in Godzilla vs Kong?

When he shows up, Godzilla and Kong will team-up and have an epic battle with the giant robot. Godzilla will sacrifice himself to destroy MechaGodzilla, the world will mourn, and the sequel will be...

What could King Kong do against Godzilla?

Kong struggled to break rusty old chains, and he and his main opponent in his movie, who could survive multiple hits from him, are both incapable of completely ignoring bullets, let alone the missiles, artillery and the like that Godzilla easily tanks. Plus, y'know, nukes.

When is Godzilla vs. Kong coming to Netflix?

While the film won’t be arriving on Netflix, it is set to release on HBO Max on Wednesday, March 31. Like previously released Warner Bros. films, Godzilla vs. Kong will stream on HBO Max for 31...

Where can I watch Godzilla vs Kong online?

There are big leaks for the movie doing the rounds online, so be aware of major spoilers ... So if you plan to watch Godzilla vs. Kong on HBO Max, you have one month to do so. Can You See Godzilla vs. Kong in Movie Theaters? Given that this is a ...

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