Goblin Slayer Anime Review


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goblin slayer anime review

Is Goblin Slayer worth watching?

Goblin Slayer is an anime about a dude named Goblin Slayer who slays goblins. Now here's the part of my review where I wish I could say "but there's just so much more to Goblin Slayer than that!" Unfortunately, I just can't. In fact, with the exception of a few dark scenes, this show possesses all of the qualities of a typical fantasy world anime.

What do you think about the first episode of Goblin Slayer?

The first episode shows violent, graphic, ugly and very disgusting scene depicting the titular goblins. Said scene was widely discussed in the anime community and got a strong reaction.

Does Goblin Slayer overuse the word goblin?

The Goblin Slayer creators do not overuse and exploit the fact that the goblins perform this and other heinous acts. What is shown are only minimal amounts that are used to tell the story and not be the story.

Is Goblin Slayer a generic Isekai?

“It’s a generic isekai” - no, it’s this thing called “fantasy” that actually existed even before SAO. What makes it silier is that Goblin Slayer doesn’t even feature any of the staple isekai tropes like some other “fantasy confused for isekai” series, e. g. Danmachi.

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