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giza dream sheets walmart

What is Giza cotton sheets?

Cotton grown exclusively in the Giza region; the only area in the world where 3 climates come together to create the most ideal growing conditions to produce the world’s best cotton – where the Sahara Desert, meets the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile River. SO COMFORTABLE! Great product, these sheets are SO COMFORTABLE!

What is it like to sleep with Giza sheets?

The sheets really caress your skin but breathe wonderfully. Like a cloud around you, you barely even feel them, and when you do, it is just the softest feeling. Thank you, Mike, for making my MyPillow pillows even better with Giza sheet pillowcases too!

Did Mike Lindell drop the price of his “Giza dream sheets” by 60%?

Read our full Disclosure here. Here’s an amazing new deal from Mike Lindell is dropping the price of his “Giza Dream Sheets” by 60% when you use promo code WLT (We Love Trump benefits when you use that code). We all know Mike Lindell has been working tirelessly to expose the fraud of the 2020 election.

How much is a queen size set of sheets at Walmart?

A queen size set of sheets was $169.96 — now they’re only $69.99 when you use promo code WLT. Twin size sheets were $99.98 – now they’re only $39.98 when you use promo code WLT.

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