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fire ring walmart

What is the diameter of a fire ring?

VEVOR Fire Pit Ring 42-Inch Outer/​36-Inch Inner Diameter, Fire Pit Insert 3.0mm Thick Heavy Duty Solid Steel, Fire Pit Liner DIY Campfire Ring Above or In-Ground for Outdoor.

Does Walmart sell fire pit rings?

With Walmart's selection of fire pit rings, staying warm and spending quality time with friends and family has never been more fun, easy and safe. What is a fire pit ring? A fire pit ring is a device used to temper fires and prevent them from igniting nearby flammable objects like paper or plant life.

How do you use a ring in a fire pit?

To use a fire pit ring, place it on a flat, fireproof surface. Build a fire in the pit, then sit back, relax and watch the flames glow softly. Are fire pits rings only used as a safety device?

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