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As an avid movie fan, I have always been fascinated by the work of actor Dev Patel. From his breakout role in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire to his critically acclaimed performance in Lion, Patel has established himself as one of the most talented actors of his generation. His career has been an exciting journey full of exciting performances and unforgettable characters. In this article, I will be exploring some of Dev Patel’s best movies and discussing why they have become so popular. From his dramatic turns in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel to his comedic supporting roles in The Personal History of David Copperfield, Patel has shown a remarkable versatility in his work. I look forward to taking a closer look at his impressive filmography.

Top 10 Dev Patel Movies


Dev Patel

Dev Patel is an English actor who first gained recognition for his role in Danny Boyle’s Academy Award-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire. Since then, he has gone on to star in a variety of films, from box office hits to critically acclaimed independent films. Some of his most notable credits include Lion, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and The Man Who Knew Infinity.

In total, Patel has acted in over 25 feature films, including a range of independent films and mainstream blockbusters. His performance in Lion earned him a nomination for BAFTA’s Rising Star Award and he has been included in the Forbes India 30-Under-30 list. In addition to film roles, Patel has also made numerous appearances on TV shows and provided voices for animated films.

Patel’s work has been applauded for its complexity and diversity, ranging from heart-wrenching dramas to light-hearted comedies. His performances have earned him numerous awards, including a Screen Actors Guild Award and an Asia Pacific Screen Award. Patel has also been recognized for his humanitarian efforts, such as sponsoring a center for underprivileged children in India.

When it comes to Dev Patel movies, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy or an intense drama, you’re sure to find something to appreciate in Dev Patel’s expansive filmography. From his breakthrough role in Slumdog Millionaire to his recent performances in The Personal History of David Copperfield and The Green Knight, Patel continues to deliver memorable performances.

Slumdog Millionaire

Dev Patel is an iconic actor, and his most renowned role is that of Jamal Malik in the 2008 movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Directed by Danny Boyle and written by Simon Beaufoy, the movie was a worldwide hit and won 8 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay. It was also nominated for 10 BAFTA awards, winning 7, and won 4 Golden Globe Awards.

The movie was based on the novel Q&A by Vikas Swarup, and chronicles the life of Jamal, an 18 year old orphan from the slums of Mumbai. Despite his difficult circumstances, he manages to compete on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and become a millionaire overnight. Patel’s performance was praised by critics and audiences alike, with many citing it as the one of the main draws of the movie.

Patel’s career was launched after his debut in Slumdog Millionaire. He has since appeared in a number of feature films and television shows, including The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011), Lion (2016) and The Newsroom (2012-2014). He was also nominated for a BAFTA Rising Star Award for his performance in Slumdog Millionaire.

Since then, Patel has become one of the most popular actors of his generation. He has gained international recognition and continues to be a part of some of the most acclaimed films and television shows. In 2019, Patel starred alongside Alicia Vikander and Armie Hammer


Dev Patel’s performance in the 2016 movie Lion has been widely acclaimed. The film is based on the true story of Saroo Brierly, an Indian-born Australian who sets out to find his long-lost family. Patel’s performance as Saroo earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, along with numerous other awards and accolades.

Lion is a visually stunning film that allows viewers to travel along with Saroo on his journey. Patel’s performance is masterful; he captures both the innocence and determination of Saroo as he confronts his past. His portrayal of the character is both sympathetic and emotionally powerful.

Not only did Lion receive numerous awards and nominations, it also scored big at the box office. It grossed over $140 million worldwide, becoming one of the most successful independent films of all time. Additionally, the film was a critical darling, receiving a 96% rating from Rotten Tomatoes based on reviews from over 200 critics.

Overall, Dev Patel’s performance in Lion is a testament to his talent and ability as an actor. His portrayal of Saroo and contribution to the film has made it an enduring classic that will be cherished for years to come.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Dev Patel stars in the 2012 British comedy-drama, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This film follows a group of British retirees who travel to India to stay at what they believe to be a newly restored hotel. The reality of the situation is that the hotel is far from luxurious, and the retirees must learn to adjust to their new surroundings. Patel plays the role of Sonny, the young and ambitious hotel manager who aspires to make the hotel a success.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was a huge success, with a box office of over $137 million and a rating of 82% among critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Patel received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor from the British Independent Film Awards for his role in the film. With a star-studded cast including Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, and Maggie Smith, this film has become a classic.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is not only a great movie, but it is also a great representation of Indian culture. Dev Patel does an excellent job in his portrayal of Sonny, a young Indian man struggling with cultural and familial expectations. The film touches on many topics, from the Indian caste system to the divide between the rich and poor in India.

At its core, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is an uplifting tale of how life can still be beautiful no matter the circumstances. It celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and is an enjoyable and meaningful watch. Audiences can experience the story of Dev Patel and

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Dev Patel has made a name for himself as one of the most talented actors in the entertainment industry. His breakthrough role came with the 2008 movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, for which he received numerous awards and critical acclaim. But his latest role in the 2016 movie ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’, is one of his finest works yet.

In this movie, Dev Patel plays the role of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a self-taught genius from India who gained recognition for his remarkable mathematical ability. The movie follows his journey from Madras, India to Cambridge, England, as he strives to prove his theorems to the world. Dev Patel performs admirably in this role, bringing the character to life through his acting.

The movie itself has been praised by critics for its accurate representation of a complex historical figure, and for its thoughtful exploration of complex topics like mathematics, science, and culture. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has an impressive rating of 85%, indicating that audiences and critics alike have found it an inspiring and engaging watch.

Overall, ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ is a powerful movie that showcases Dev Patel’s incredible acting ability. With an incredible story, a talented cast, and a thoughtful and comprehensive exploration of its themes, it’s no wonder the movie has received so much praise. If you’re a fan of Dev Patel’s work, this movie is definitely worth watching.

Hotel Mumbai

Dev Patel’s portrayal of Arjun in Hotel Mumbai was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Released in 2018, the film is a gripping drama based on the real-life terror attacks that took place in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in 2008. Patel’s performance as Arjun, the hotel’s head waiter, is captivating. He brings to the role a sense of humanity and courage as he helps the hotel’s guests navigate the dangerous situation.

Hotel Mumbai grossed over $64 million worldwide and was nominated for various awards, including Best Actor in a Leading Role for Dev Patel. It was praised by both fans and critics alike, with Rotten Tomatoes rating it at 84%. It also received a BAFTA nomination for Outstanding British Film.

The film is an intense, powerful depiction of the events that took place in 2008, and Dev Patel’s performance was one of the most important elements. It showcases his ability to bring a subtlety and nuance to a role, while also being able to deliver a powerful performance when needed.

Dev Patel’s performance in the film is a reminder of his incredible talent and wide range as an actor. His ability to bring depth and emotion to a role has made him one of the best actors of his generation.

Overall, Hotel Mumbai is a must-watch for any fan of Dev Patel or anyone looking for an intense and emotionally charged film. The movie has received universal acclaim for its powerful story and the powerful performance of Dev Patel.

Other Projects

Dev Patel has starred in a number of renowned films, such as ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’, and ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’. His success has since extended to other projects outside of movies. His most recent venture is the HBO series ‘The Newsroom’, where he plays Neal Sampat, a news producer. In the show, Patel successfully portrays a complex character who is at once both ambitious and highly ethical. Patel not only worked on television, but recently appeared in a Broadway production of ‘Hersyclitus’, which was well-received by both critics and audiences alike. Critics praised Patel’s performance, citing his ability to create a complex and believable character. Furthermore, Patel was chosen as one of Variety’s top 10 actors to watch in 2018, testifying to his ongoing success. All in all, it is clear that Patel’s career continues to blossom and is sure to excite and delight us with more stellar performances.


Dev Patel is an amazing actor whose career has taken off in the last decade. He has proven himself to be a versatile and talented artist, capable of tackling a wide range of roles. From historical dramas to romantic comedies, Patel has shown that he can bring an impressive level of depth and emotion to each performance. His roles continue to be met with critical acclaim, and it is likely that Patel will remain a major player in the movie industry for years to come. If you’re looking for a great film to watch, check out one of Dev Patel’s movies and you won’t be disappointed!

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