Crosley Full Size Jukebox Walmart $497


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crosley full size jukebox walmart $497

Where can I buy a Crosley Juke Box?

Walmart has a Crosley juke box for 497 dollars. Lights up and everything. He said he would look at it and the get it. Some rag on Crosley stuff. I had in high school a juke box cassette player that sets on a table in my bed room I still own until this day from the company.

Are there any jukeboxes from the forties?

My dad had a jukebox route in the forties, which was really a front for the slot machines in all the roadhouses. I had a couple original jukeboxes from that era and sold them about 20-25 years ago. They were like new. After restoring a 1953 Seeburg Model 100C with my best friend, the Walmart one would be my choice.

How hard is it to restore a jukebox 100C?

Excellent point... and in the world of vintage jukeboxes, the Model 100C is a relatively easy lift in terms of restoration compared to many other models, primarily because so many were made. I'm not saying it's easy (it ain't), but it's easier than restoring an AMI Continental machine.

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