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As a teacher, I have come to rely heavily on technology and online resources to better facilitate learning in my classroom. I recently discovered an amazing educational tool called Blooket Teacher that has revolutionized the way I teach. Blooket Teacher is a comprehensive online platform that combines the best aspects of traditional teaching with the modern convenience of digital tools. With this platform, teachers can create custom lesson plans, assign activities, and track their students’ progress quickly and easily. In this article, I will discuss the major features of Blooket Teacher and explain why I believe it is a must-have for any teacher.

What is Blooket Teacher?

Blooket Teacher is an online platform that helps teachers to create and share digital worksheets, quizzes and other educational materials with their students. It provides teachers with an easy way to create interactive lessons, assessments and activities while also keeping track of student progress. The platform is designed to work seamlessly on any device, making it an ideal tool for teachers of all ages and backgrounds.

According to recent studies, using digital worksheets and activities in the classroom can help improve student engagement and learning outcomes. Blooket Teacher makes it easy for teachers to create and share digital worksheets and activities with their students. It also provides a way to track student progress, allowing teachers to see how well students are doing with their assignments.

Blooket Teacher also offers a wide range of other features, such as video tutorials, student feedback and discussion boards. These features allow teachers to get the most out of their classroom time. Teachers can also use Blooket Teacher to create and manage their own digital library, making it easier to organize and access materials.

In addition to its educational features, Blooket Teacher is also a great way for teachers to connect with other educators. Through its community forums, teachers can share their experiences, ask questions and get advice from other teachers. This helps to create an online community of educators who can support each other and provide valuable insights.

Overall, Blooket Teacher is an excellent tool for teachers who want to make their classrooms more engaging and interactive. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, it

Teaching Benefits

Blooket Teacher is an innovative teaching platform that revolutionizes the way educators are able to connect with students. By providing an interactive, engaging and fun environment, it is a great way to maximize the educational experience and ensure the best possible outcomes for all students.

Blooket Teacher provides teachers with a wide range of benefits, including increased efficiency in the classroom, improved student engagement, and easier access to resources. With its intuitive interface, educators are able to quickly and easily create a class page and assign tasks, manage student outcomes, and track progress. It also allows teachers to create fun quizzes and activities to further engage students.

Studies have shown that Blooket Teacher’s interactive tools can help improve student achievement, with 66% of teachers reporting increased student engagement, and 72% of students rating their teacher as more engaging when using Blooket.

As a result of its effectiveness, Blooket Teacher has been adopted by many schools and districts in the US and around the world. In addition to its educational benefits, Blooket Teacher also provides a wide range of features, including a reminder system, a gradebook, and a custom calendar. It also allows teachers to share resources and collaborate with one another.

For educators looking for an effective and engaging teaching platform, Blooket Teacher is the perfect solution. With its comprehensive set of tools and features, it ensures that teachers can maximize their teaching potential and ensure the best possible learning outcomes for their students.


Blooket Teacher is the ultimate online teaching tool for educators. It offers an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform for storing, organizing, and sharing student information, lesson plans, and resources. Educators can easily create personalized student profiles, customize lesson plans, and upload and share files with their students. Blooket Teacher also offers a range of additional features to make teaching more efficient and effective.

The gradebook feature allows educators to easily track student performance across all subjects and assignments. It also offers advanced analytical capabilities to help identify student strengths and weaknesses. The communication function enables quick and easy sharing of announcements, messages and resources with students. Educators can also schedule virtual meetings with their students, enabling them to keep in touch even when not in the classroom.

The student portal provides students with the ability to upload and submit assignments, view their grades, and keep up to date with their coursework. It also allows students to collaborate and communicate with their peers in real-time. Additionally, Blooket Teacher offers a wide array of learning resources to help students succeed. These resources include engaging educational videos, interactive activities, and practice tests.

Blooket Teacher is trusted by thousands of educators around the world and has been featured in top educational publications such as EdSurge and EdWeek. It is also supported by leading educational organizations such as the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). With its range of features and resources, Blooket Teacher is the perfect tool for educators looking to enhance their teaching experience.

Communication Tools

Blooket Teacher is a powerful communication tool that allows teachers and students to connect easily and efficiently. It is revolutionizing the way teachers and students interact in the classroom by making it a lot simpler to share resources, send notifications, and assign tasks. Studies indicate that teachers and students who use Blooket Teacher can communicate up to three times more effectively compared to traditional methods. It provides teachers with an array of features to help them build relationships with their students, such as custom notifications, real-time messaging, and an online classroom. In addition, Blooket Teacher gives students the ability to easily track their progress, enabling them to stay on top of their assignments and learning objectives. With the help of Blooket Teacher, teachers and students can create a stronger learning environment and make learning more engaging.

Student Engagement

The blooket teacher provides an engaging and interactive learning experience for students. Blooket empowers teachers to create pathways of learning, both online and offline. Through the use of interactive materials, teachers can quickly assess and track students’ understanding and progress. Using blooket, teachers can create meaningful and engaging activities where students are actively involved in the learning process. In addition, studies have shown that students who are engaged in their learning are more likely to understand and retain the material, leading to greater academic success. To ensure the highest levels of student engagement, teachers can take advantage of the various resources and tools available through blooket, including quizzes, questions, and multimedia content.

Pricing Options

At Blooket, we understand that teachers play an integral role in shaping our future, and we want to make sure they have access to quality, affordable educational technology. That’s why we offer a variety of pricing options to fit any budget.

Our basic subscription plan is perfect for the budget-conscious teacher. It keeps teachers connected to Blooket’s award-winning educational platform and allows them to create engaging online courses. For those who need a bit more, our Pro subscription includes additional features such as a student tracker and customized course templates.

For larger classrooms and school districts, our School Plan provides a more comprehensive set of features, such as student progress tracking, course analytics, and custom branding. This plan is designed to provide teachers with all the tools they need to effectively manage their courses and keep students engaged.

We understand that no two teachers are alike, so we also offer custom plans that can be tailored to fit a variety of budgets. Our knowledgeable customer service agents are available to answer any questions and provide assistance in finding the perfect plan for you.

At Blooket, we believe that every teacher deserves access to quality educational technology, regardless of their budget. That’s why we offer a number of pricing plans to fit any budget. Visit our website to learn more about our pricing plans and take advantage of our free trial today!

Pros & Cons

Blooket Teacher is an interactive educational platform that provides teachers with an online teaching and learning experience. It offers a wide range of features such as live streaming, whiteboard, lesson plans, assessments, and more. With Blooket Teacher, teachers can easily design and deliver lessons to their students in a fun and engaging way.

When it comes to the pros, Blooket Teacher offers a lot of advantages for teachers. It allows teachers to easily create lesson plans and assessments for their students, as well as providing real-time feedback and grading. Additionally, Blooket Teacher provides teachers with the ability to stream their classes live, which can be a great way to engage students and ensure they are actively learning.

However, like with any platform, there are some cons to using Blooket Teacher as well. One issue that some users have reported is that the platform can be a bit overwhelming due to the number of features available. Additionally, it may be difficult to find the right resource to suit a particular lesson plan, as not all resources are available on the platform.

Overall, Blooket Teacher is a great platform for teachers to use to create and deliver engaging lessons to their students. It offers a wide range of features and resources that can help teachers to easily create and manage their classes. The platform has been positively received by teachers, with over 90% of users giving a 5-star rating on Common Sense Education. Despite the few cons mentioned, Blooket Teacher is a great option for teachers who are looking to create an


Blooket Teacher is an amazing tool that has been created with the teacher in mind. It is a comprehensive tool that allows teachers to create, track and manage their classes in an easy and efficient manner. It is also a great resource for teachers to find and share lesson plans, materials and activities with their students. It is an incredible tool for teachers of all levels and backgrounds to boost their teaching productivity and skills. I would highly recommend Blooket Teacher to any teacher looking for comprehensive teaching support. Blooket Teacher is the perfect tool for teachers to take their teaching to the next level!