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bike trailer walmart

What is a bike trailer for kids?

Bike trailers let you enjoy biking adventures with your kids. Check out our selection today! ... If you are interested in biking, you'll know what a bike trailer is. These 'trail behind you' cargo systems are both convenient and smart, allowing you to bring more items with you on a bicycle trip.

Does Walmart sell bicycles in Canada?

Walmart Canada's selection of bicycles and accessories can help you and your whole family get outside and get some fresh air and healthy exercise. A bicycle trailer is handy to have if travelling short distances and you have items to haul. Rather than wear a backpack, you can pile everything in your bike trailer and pull it behind you.

What should you consider when buying a bike trailer?

If you're going on a long-haul trek, a bike cargo trailer is excellent for all your weather gear---jackets, rain ponchos, goggles, and extra helmets. Front bicycle carriers can be great for very small children if you are inclined to take them with you on a ride. There are also baby bike trailers especially made for little ones.

How much weight can the cargo trailer tow?

The trailer quickly attaches to a bike post (no need for tools), and the length of the tow arm can be adjusted for various types of bikes or cargo racks. The cargo trailer is lightweight (just under 11 pounds) and can tote as much as 60 pounds with ease.

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