Best Anime Tattoo Artists


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best anime tattoo artists

Where are the best anime tattoo artists in the UK?

Lucky for you, The Yokaiju Crew have scoured the country looking for the best UK anime tattoo artists. Here are six we’re desperate to get some ink from: The quaint town of Chester is best known for its old English charm. Roman ruins. Medieval buildings. Relaxing walks down the river Dee.

Can you get a tattoo inspired by anime?

Some truly amazing artwork is created when the right tattoo artist and the right fan work together. A lot of the tattoos out there take their cues directly from anime to create a 1-for-1 piece of art. On the other side of the coin are tattoos that are inspired by anime while creating something completely new.

Who are the most famous celebrities with tattoos?

He’s done tattoo portraits of many celebrities, including Will Smith, Muhammad Ali, Justin Bieber, and Drake’s Sade. Drake and his OVO crew members get their tattoos from Inal as he is their personal tattoo artist. His realistic tattoos look fabulous. 2. GIPPI RONDINELLA — Italy

Who are the best blacksails tattoo artists?

Another BlackSails artist with serious chops, Joe Friedman has incredibly diversity, able to put his own spin on traditional design, as well as art inspired by cartoons, anime, and video games. There’s a youthful excitement to his artwork; you can tell that Joe is a tattoo artist who loves what he does, and puts everything into it.

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