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asylum anime

What is the plot of the manga asylum?

The manga follows a boy who is immune to the disease and a trader living in Antarctica who journey into Asylum.

What is the release date of deep insanity asylum?

A mobile and PC game titled Deep Insanity: Asylum was released on October 14, 2021, in Japan. The game is a free to play RPG genre title with in-app purchases.

What is the story of asylum in Antarctica?

A rescue team search the forest the area of Asylum in Antarctica for a missing members of their group and find a survivor apparently sleeping. However, he has been infected by Randolph Syndrome and changes into a monster and attacks the team.

What is a child of God in the asylum?

A young Exile girl living in an oasis area of the Asylum. She is viewed by Exile Cultists as the "Child of God" with the power to end the world and becomes the target of various groups in Antarctica for their own objectives.

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