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anime tattoo artist houston

What are the top tattoo shops in Houston?

Let’s continue the list of the top tattoo shops in Houston with Redhawk Studio, a premier tattoo shop that exists for 20 years now. Yes, you will find this studio in Houston’s East Downtown area, and the artists here are mainly specialized in blackwork and fine line tattoos.

Did an anime tattoo artist just open his first tattoo shop?

Over on Twitter, a popular tattoo artist announced just recently they got a store in Dallas to open their first anime tattoo shop. Taking to social media, inkbypnut went viral after sharing a surprise post. The tattoo artist confirmed they sold a lot of their anime goodies to start their first anime tattoo shop.

Is 3rd generation Ink a good tattoo shop in Houston?

Now, if you want to go to a reputable tattoo shop in Houston, 3rd Generation Ink has made its way to the Tattoo Hall of Fame Induction, and it should be your first choice. People usually appreciate this tattoo shop due to the friendly, professional staff and their talent in this domain.

Can you get a tattoo of Your Favorite Anime?

From the dawn of time, it seems like people have inked their skin to celebrate something important. Whether it is religion or family, nothing is off limits when it comes to tattooing, and that goes for pop culture. You can get ink of just about anything, but it can be hard to find someone who will do your favorite anime justice. That is, until now.

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