Anime Tackle Hug Gif


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anime tackle hug gif

What anime has hugs in it?

A man cries and hugs a child Hugs in the library. Anime called Shin Sekai Yori Hugs under an umbrella during the rain. Yuru Yuri anime Yamato Kurosawa hugs a cute girl named Mei Tachibana. This happens at home in the bathroom. The anime is called “Say I Love You” Hugs from the anime Torador. Taiga in the arms of Ryūji

What anime are taiga and Shirley hugging?

Taiga in the arms of Ryūji Lelouch and Shirley are hugging next to the stairs. Shirley is crying. Anime called “Code Geass” Two girls hug and rub their faces against each other. The anime is called Log Horizon. The girl on the left is Mariel

What anime does albino boy run and hug a girl?

Albino boy runs and hugs a girl. Anime called carnival Little Witch Academia. Akko Kagari cuddles with someone very unhappy The anime is called “Fruits Basket”. Kisa and Hiro cuddle and disappear in a cloud of blue smoke

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